About Amy Harrop & Debbie Drum

Amy Harrop


Amy has been an avid writer and reader all of her life. With a diverse background in film production, writing, sales, teaching and training, she loves creating and helping others do the same!

As a  Marketer, Author, and Content Publisher,  Amy loves helping people create multiple content income streams. She currently lives with her husband and cats in Northern Idaho. Learn more about Amy at http://AmyHarrop.com

Debbie Drum


In 2010, Deborah Drum brought her skills from offline marketing to online marketing.  She learned all aspects to be a successful online marketer such as: SEO, blogging, video marketing, social media marketing and book publishing and was able to quit her day job and go full time online as of January 2013.

Debbie believes that all internet marketers should be self published.  There are many ways to make money with book publishing and many components to be successful doing it.

Debbie loves teaching others all aspects of book publishing and marketing content.  You can learn more about what she does at her blog at http://bookpublishingriches.com