New Tool Generates and Re-purposes Content: Fast and Easy

 The Content Transformer

Content Transformer

Product Creation+Automation = Success


What if you could easily generate high-quality content in a variety of formats?


  • reports

  • presentations

  • blog posts

  • videos

  • books

  • and more!


More content in more places means more traffic, subscribers and sales.


Deb and Amy have just released a fantastic solution that allows you to easily generate and repurpose content: Content Transformer!


Content Transformer allows you to take:


  • Outlines

  • Mindmaps

  • Word Docs

  • Text files


and easily and automatically create Powerpoint and Impress presentations for presentations,videos, reports, webinars & Google Hangouts. 

Content Transformer also helps you create your next book or report outline in minutes – no more time spent sifting through documents.


This is an awesome tool that creates and transforms content with just a few mouse clicks.


You can see it in action here:


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