Promoting Your Fiction With Facebook ~ New Strategies








Let’s face it, book promotion can be:


  • time consuming
  • costly
  • and lacking that “instant gratification” we all want to have when it comes to marketing our books


But there are some great methods you can use right now that can deliver powerful results!


Our brand new training, FB Fiction allows any fiction publisher to get a jump start on their promotion. This method is a fast and easy way to get your books in front of targeted fans.


See it here:




What we love about this method is that it’s not hard to do at all and it literally puts you on the same playing field as big author names!!


As publishers, we have to change with the times, and right now, the door is wide open for a much easier way to really get in front of people who will be interested in buying our books.


Get it here and take advantage of the low introductory offer:



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