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Creating a true passive income with Kindle relies on having a portfolio of popular books that sell. However, it can be time-consuming to publish books regularly. But, what if you could create high-quality books in a short amount of time, so you can truly increase your passive income?

We’re really excited to share our brand new training: Non Fic Pic Pro, which reveals how to easily create non-fiction picture books for the rabid children’s market. Parents and kids love these books!


In Non Fic Pic Pro we’ll show how you can easily create these books with minimal writing that readers love. 

It covers:

1) Complete Training on how to put together profitable non-fiction picture books. Our quick-start PDF training reveals how to create profitable picture books, fast.

2) DONE FOR YOU – In-depth Categories handed to you for you to exploit

We reveal the top-selling books across ALL children’s non-fiction book categories, nothing is left out.

3) Massive image resources

One of the hardest parts about doing picture books is finding the right images to use. We share the best places to get massive amounts of pics free for commercial use. You’ll easily find hundreds of fantastic images perfect for these types of books. We’ve curated these sites so you can go directly to the sites that have the best content for your books.

4) And Much Much More!

You can learn more here:


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