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If you know Spanish or have a popular book, then here’s some exciting news: Amazon is now selling the Kindle device and many ebooks to Mexican citizens. While any Kindle can be changed to the Spanish language so that menus and features are in Spanish, Mexicans haven’t been able to enjoy the millions of books that Amazon offers until now. Why is this exciting? Not only does it add a slew of new readers to the mix, but authors can really profit by selling books in Spanish.


Mexican Kindle Store


The Mexican Kindle store isn’t offering every book in the Kindle library because most of them are written in English for obvious reasons. However, Mexicans are gaining access to a substantial number of ebooks. About two million ebooks have been added to this Kindle section, though there are only about 70,000 books overall written in Spanish. Many of these other books are translations from popular books to bulk up the selection and to allow Mexicans to read some of the best and most popular books.


However, the release of the Mexican Kindle is probably more important than you understand. Americans are used to having bookstores within a few miles of their location. It’s not that difficult to buy a book, physical or digital. You just need to hop in your car, find a good book and purchase it. Things are different in Mexico. There are relatively few bookstores, though many citizens are hungry for books.


This creates a large vacuum that ambitious authors can fill. It won’t take much work, especially if you know Spanish.




Want to make a profit from this change? Then there are two things that you can do. First of all, if you know Spanish (fluently, not just good enough to pass a basic class), then start writing an ebook and publish it through Amazon. You can easily gain access to millions of new readers without doing any complicated work. The book will automatically be added to this area if it’s in the right language.


If you have a popular book already published, then you might want to hire a translator to turn it into Spanish. For just a few hundred dollars, you could gain hundreds or thousands of new sales. This will be much easier if you know Spanish, but you can hire a translator without much fuss.


Spanish Language Writers


Another major improvement is that not only can Mexicans buy Kindle devices and ebooks, but they can also become self-published authors. This is a massive improvement that you can easily take advantage of. Your books will automatically be put on sale for other Mexicans to read, and you can gain 35% of the sale (70% if the book is added to KDP Select) by writing a great fiction or non-fiction book.


Since there are relatively few books (two million may not sound like “relatively few,” but you’re not competing against the entire Kindle lineup), it will be much easier to get noticed. This is a great opportunity because you’ll need to do much less marketing to get sales, but it gets harder as more books are published. So, if you want to take advantage of this, then now is the time.




While it’ll probably be some time before Amazon says exactly how many units they’ve sold, there’s many reasons why this is a popular and lucrative move both for Amazon and writers. As stated above, bookstores are uncommon. That isn’t because people don’t want to read, it’s just because starting and maintaining these stores can be very hard.


First of all, you should know that Apple released it’s ebook platform in Mexico about a year ago. However, Kindle currently offers the most Spanish ebooks, which gives it an edge over Apple. They are also offer 1,500 free ebooks and 1,000 ebooks at a special low price (about $0.68) for new readers.


Another big push is that several popular Mexican writers, like Paulo Coelho, are supporting the Kindle platform. This will ensure that many Mexicans embrace the new technology and spend money to buy new books.




It’s taken some time, but Amazon is finally selling Kindles in Mexico and offering its publishing platform to this area of the world. If you are Mexican or know Spanish, then this can be a great time for you as a writer. Not only is there a relatively small number of books written in Spanish, but it’s easy to get noticed if you act now.

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