Capitalizing on the Popularity of Infographics

6911924654_ff1a272138_tSearch volume for infographics has increased by 800% since infographics first became popular in 2009, but you might be wondering the mechanics behind why these images work so well. People have been able to build massive amounts of traffic to their blog and business website just by using infographics. That’s because they are easier to interpret by the human brain, can be shared in seconds and make even mundane information interesting.


Data Visualization

Data visualization, or the process of turning data into some sort of chart or image, has been effective for decades. Even the boring pie chart is easier to understand and be excited about when compared to a dry list of percentages.


It’s also because humans are innately visual learners. About 83% of our learning occurs visually (which explains all the flashcards and funny images from kindergarten) and images are much easier to remember. Most infographics are also colorful, which makes them even easier to remember. Consider this for a moment: do you think it would be easier to remember a list of fruits, or an image containing the same fruits?



Due to their immense popularity, infographics are incredibly sharable. Just make an infographic, post it on Facebook and Twitter and you’ll see a lot of people share the image. Not only does it take a few seconds to share, but infographics are easier to engage in and they often have many different sources and statistics.


In fact, about 45% to 70% more users (depending on which study you read) would prefer to visit a website with an infographic rather than text. Also, 30% of people will share the infographic even if the information is irrelevant. Some statistics show that bad infographics spread faster than good ones, but that may not bring you the traffic that you need.


Decision Making

If you have a business website, then you are going to love this. Not only are infographics more popular, but they also allow people to make faster decisions. If someone reads a text-based document, then the words can be open to misinterpretation, it might be hard to read for some people, it isn’t nearly as engaging and readers will more often think about the best way to interpret your text.


An infographic, on the other hand, is experienced more than interpreted. People can instantly understand what you are saying, it’s engaging because 60% of people are visual learners and the other 40% are drawn to graphics (just not quite as much) and your audience can easily make a good decision based on the information.


If you want to quickly sell a product or gain trust, then an infographic is easily the best way.


What Type of Infographics Are Best?

While there are a variety of infographics, these work the best:

  • funny and humorous infographics
  • how-to topics with about 5-10 steps
  • new and fascinating topics with amazing insights
  • timely infographics that talk about something current and relevant
  • chronological infographics that show how something has changed or evolved

You don’t need to break the mold, but be sure to make your infographic engaging and interesting to keep the audience’s attention.


Creating Inforgraphics

While there are number of tools out there that can help you create infographics, there aren’t many drag-and-drop tools that make it easy.

So what’s the problem? Why isn’t everybody doing this?

Because until now creating infographics has been extremely difficult. You either have to hire a graphic designer or spend countless hours learning Photoshop. Frankly, who has the time or money for that?

But now all of that has changed.

Finally, a solution that works for everybody. Regardless, of your design skills, where you are at with your business, or even if you are a newbie just starting out.

For the first time a software that turns anyone into an infographics PRO.

Instant Infographics Presence  let’s you easily create infographics with point and click technology

Just watch the demo and see for yourself…


Here are some of the super cool features:

– WYSIWYG editor
– drag and drop elements
– ability to upload your own images
– instantly change colors and fonts
– huge graphics library includes more than 500 custom elements

Check out the demo video to see how it works





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