Content Repurposing: Are You Doing This One Thing To Grow Your Income?


Everyone wants to make money online, but we all know that’s easier said then done. Perhaps the biggest hurdle is content. It doesn’t matter if you are marketing a Kindle book, building a blog, crafting a membership site or just building a marketing network. You need content, and it needs to be good, unique and strong enough for both Google and the reader.

However, making unique content for years and years is a daunting task, but there is one way to make it easier.
It seems almost absurd to new marketers, but you can repurpose your content to make it stretch around the whole Internet. One article can turn into Facebook posts, blog entries, podcasts and YouTube videos for years. And yes, the masters have learned and aggressively use this technique.

Time or Money

When you’re building your online real estate you need to invest either time or money to build content. A good article will take you about 30-60 minutes to make, or $10-$20 if you hire a freelancer. Regardless of which path you choose, this quickly becomes a heavy burden as you enter your marketing journey.

Wouldn’t it be better to spend just a few minutes repurposing the content, rather than producing article after article?
Time is money, so you are wasting money by producing more content than you need. Many people have taken “unique content” to an extreme, and it is hurting their bottom line.


Do you think that you can realistically create new article topics for the next year? What about for the next five years? There’s only so much to say about a given topic, and many writers and marketers lose steam because they are trying to squeeze out words, but they can’t think of anything new.

Instead of losing steam, you can polish those old gems to produce something new and unique by applying the right repurposing formula.

Recurring Income

Doesn’t recurring income sound great? You keep making money with minimal investment. That’ the point of repurposing content. You can keep making money with a single article. You spent $20 getting the article, and it’s still making you money several years from now because you are properly utilizing it.
That’s the key to repurposing. You are learning how to properly use your articles and blog posts.


Some people mistake “repurposing” with “copying.” Google hates duplicate content, but repurposing won’t hurt your SEO whatsoever. In fact, it assures that Google still loves your website even though you are using content that was written months or years ago. Other people feel that repurposing is lazy, but most business owners would kill to keep making money from their investments. It also gives you more time to devote to marketing, which you will need to succeed.
However, this only works if you apply the right repurposing formula.

Introducing: Recycled Riches

You can spend the hundreds of hours and dollars it requires to understand and master repurposing, or you can learn from the masters. Recycled Riches is the premier product in this category that shows you exactly what the masters are doing to make huge profits from their old content. If you’ve been active in the marketing community, then you’ll definitely recognize some of these names.

You can learn more here:

You’ll hear from Dennis Becker, an experienced marketer who owns a variety of membership sites that have been paying him consistently for the last six years. By repurposing content, he has kept his members happy and his wallet full.


There’s also Barb Ling, a master of setting and forgetting strategies that have made her money for years. According to her, it just takes a blog and a little know how to turn a few articles into a gold mine.
Many more experts and their strategies are included..This guide details 21 different ways to repurpose content, and it’s all coming straight from the horse’s mouth. These are people who know what they are doing, and they are recognized experts in the field of making money with minimal effort.



The key to succeeding in business is making the most money for the longest time with the least effort. Repurposing content fulfills all of these needs. If you want to learn how to quickly and efficiently polish those old articles into new money, then you know exactly what you have to do. It’s time to learn from the masters.


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