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Description Detective             Are your book descriptions bombing?


There are a few important elements to making your book viral..having the right cover and the right title are essential. But there is one other key factor that can really make or break your sales: Your book description.


Unfortunately, many publishers spend little to no time on their book descriptions..and wonder why their books don’t sell.


We’ve come up with  with a simple solution that makes crafting book better book descriptions for more sales much easier:


….Description Detective.


This cutting edge software tool mines book descriptions on Amazon so you can model successful book descriptions. Want more book sales? Model what is already selling!

See the software in action below:



In addition, Description Detective comes with a 35 page report, and a quick start cheat sheet detailing the best strategies and practices for a creating a book description that sells your book for you.


Don’t let one of your most important sales tools for your book fall by the how to easily create better book descriptions. You can see a demo here:

Bottom line: if you don’t have a compelling book description, you aren’t selling as many books as you could be.

Check the solution now:

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