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kdsuiteBrand New: Behind the scenes video of KD SUITE:

KD Suite is a brand-new Kindle publishing product release from software development powerhouses Dave Guindon and Bobby Walker. This is a powerful 3-part publishing software suite. We were lucky to receive a review copy and have had a chance to test it out last week. Overall, we’re very impressed with this collection of software tools.


In a nutshell, KD Suite makes performing niche research for Kindle publishing much, much easier.The suite is comprised of 3 pieces of software, KD Bestseller Analyzer, KD Search Analyzer, and KD Ebook Marketer.  The first two are designed to help find profitable niches in Kindle publishing.


KD Bestseller Analyzer

KD Bestseller Analyzer has a number of powerful features, but it primarily allows you to search Kindle categories so you can find which categories are selling best overall in the Kindle Marketplace.


You can also narrow down a category by a keyword, or you can select a specific category or categories. In addition, you can then take that keyword/category and it will pull up the number of books you specify that are the top-selling books for that category.



This is where it gets exciting…it will pull up the number of books in each category you specify, and include for each book:

  • Category
  • AISN number
  • Author
  • Title
  • Sales Rank
  • Publishing Date
  • Price
  • Average word count -great way to see what length is selling in that niche
  • Average rating (out of 5 stars)
  • Number of reviews-clickable link
  • And very powerful:
  • # of sales per month
  • Gross amount earned per month

These last two are based on algorithm projections. In the help video that comes with the software, Dave explains how his background as an engineer and researcher helped him create this algorithm. This is a powerful indicator to help determine profitable categories and niches.


KD Bestseller Analyzer also has a number of other cool tools, such as allowing you to find books other people bought when you select a specific title. With this research, it becomes much easier to find niches that are selling, and see the characteristics of the best-selling books.


KD Search Analyzer

The 2nd piece of software, KD Search Analyzer, is similar, but it pulls up books based on keyword rather than category. This is great if you are doing keyword-driven research first, (such as Google search results), and then want to take it to Amazon to see if these keywords are selling as Kindle books.


Get KD Suite Here

One thing it also does is automate the process where you find related Kindle searches with a seed keyword. For example, if you have a keyword like ‘dog training’..it goes through the alphabet..dog training a, dog training b, and pulls up the related keywords that people are already using on Amazon to search for books. This will help you easily find keywords people are actually using on Amazon to find Kindle books.


Then, KD Search Analyzer will also analyze those keywords and find the related bestselling books with the same pertinent information as what the Best Seller Analyzer pulls up. This is also a great tool for also finding keywords that you can use in your title and book subtitle.These two pieces of software are incredibly powerful for drilling down related niches and doing niche research, much quicker than doing so manually.


KD Ebook Marketer

The 3rd piece of software is called KD Ebook Marketer. It consists of two parts, a tool that helps you find reviewers on Amazon, and a tool that helps you post your book link to social media sites.


We weren’t as excited about this tool. Full disclosure, we are biased toward our own stellar piece of software (Publisher’s Review Accelerator) that helps find reviewers in your niche. While this is similar, with KD Ebook Marketer,you have to input individual AISN’s to pull up the reviewers, whereas ours will pull up all the reviewers automatically by related keyword. The other part of the tool allows you to create sharing links to your ebook you can share on different social media sites.


However, because you get all three pieces of software for one extremely reasonable price, the Ebook Marketer module isn’t bad as an add-on. The complete software suite also comes with complete training on how to use the software and some training on how to find niches and market your books.


This is incredibly powerful software for finding viable and profitable Kindle niches. If you are looking to expand into publishing or want to increase your Kindle profits, KD Suite is a must for niche research. So far, we think its the best Kindle niche research software now available on the market.

It is also reasonably-priced on a limited launch special, you can check it out here:


Bottom line, we’ve tested and recommend this software for powerful Kindle Niche Research.


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