Infographic Sharing Strategies: Maximizing Your Exposure

 flat-28205_150Infographics are great because they not only share a lot of information in a very simple way, but they can help you increase your subscribers, fans and followers.


While infographics are very popular and uniquely suited for social media since they are so easy to share, the truth is that even the best ones need a healthy dose of marketing to get any viewers. This is because there are hundreds or thousands of infographics being made each and every day. You have a lot of competition, but the good news is that there are three great ways to get some views to make money for your business.


Get Organic Traffic
While the term “organic traffic” is typically reserved for search engines like Google, the truth is that you can get organic traffic from social media or any other source that has its own search engine. If you don’t know, then the term organic traffic means that people come to your infographic by searching for it. For example, if you use the term “best Web hosts” and someone searches for that, then that person will find your infographic and they will look at it.


Getting organic traffic is fairly straightforward, but many people don’t think about it in terms of social networks. You need to ensure that everything is optimized for your keyword or keywords. Don’t go crazy (this can actually hurt your chances of ranking), but ensure that you use your term throughout to improve your chances of being found.
If  you’ve uploaded your infographic (or a link to it) to sites like: Slideshare, Twitter, Google Plus, etc., you can increase the chances of it coming up in organic traffic by optimizing for your keyword in your title and description.

Encourage Sharing
Encourage your customers and loyal followers to share your infographic with the world. Sharing is one of the best ways to get your infographic exposure because each share exposes the image to many new people. For example, if one person shares it on his or her social media profile, then everyone that follows that person will see the image.


There is a good chance that one of those people will want to share the image, which will also expose it to all of his or her followers. This is known as viral marketing, and it can be incredibly effective if used properly. While it can be difficult to guarantee viral status, the fact is that getting people to share your image can make it much more successful.


Before even trying to get the image shared, ensure that it’s share worthy. Does it look good? Is the information funny, unique or somehow entertaining? Will many people want to see the infographic? If so, then you can easily share it. If not, then do some tweaks to make it better.


Getting people to share is fairly easy. First of all, make sure to add the infographic on your website and put social media buttons nearby. You should also just ask your followers to share the infographic. Just saying, “share this and tell me what your followers think,” or something along those lines can dramatically improve share rates.


Lastly, you can run an advertising or giveaway campaign. An advertising campaign will bring people to your profile. Just ensure that they visit the infographic. For example, you could promote your infographic with a Facebook ad.


Running a giveaway means that everyone that shares your image will be entered into the raffle and that the winner will get money, a gift card or some other similar gift. allows you to easily setup a giveaway, and many of its features are free to use.


Just make sure to read the network’s rules on this before running a contest. This might be the best way to promote your infographic because it relies on other people and makes them into your personal marketers.


Expand Your Profile
Another way to market your infographic is to expand your profile on groups, forums, and social media networks to get more overall visitors. This not only improves your popularity, Likes and followers, but it will also guarantee more exposure for your infographic.


One of the best ways to expand yourself is to engage in conversations and join groups. For example, you can join relevant LinkedIn groups and then share your blog post with them that has your embedded infographic. There is a free wordpress LinkedIn plugin that allows you to do that automatically and can dramatically increase traffic and shares of your infographic.



It’s also a good idea to further engagement by creating posts that relate to your infographic  Far too many people leave vague or short posts that aren’t compelling to the reader. If you are doing this, then it’s time to break that now. You should create posts that draw people in and make them yearn to read more.


If you were able to create a good infographic, then you should have many topics to write about. For example, if you did an infographic on strange things about cell phones, then you can write several posts about it. Like this: “Did you know that there are more cell phones than toothbrushes? That show a lot of our hygiene, but it also shows just how obsessed we are with mobile communication. Check out our linked infographic for even more weird facts.”


Promoting your infographic through social media is a great idea because they are uniquely suited to social media since they are easy to share and people simply love them. However, you need to do some work to ensure that your image gets the exposure that it deserves. These are just three ways, but there are many more. The fundamental thing is that you need to bring people to your page so that they see the infographic.


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