Test Marketing Your Kindle Book: Tips & Tricks

Computers-11No matter the amount of time you spend researching and evaluating your Kindle book idea prior to actually writing and then publishing it, odds are you’ll still lack any kind of definitive certainty about its true ability to sell once released upon the mass marketplace.

Test marketing your Kindle book ultimately requires you to conduct strategic tests (ideally before you even start writing it) in order to definitively determine what’s known as the market interest. And doing so will ensure you never write on a topic or in a niche that isn’t going to meet the particular sub-markets specific individual needs, demand and interests.

In the interests of helping get you off on the right foot with test marketing your Kindle book niche subjects, we’ve provided for you all some helpful tips and tricks below.


>> Create, Post and Monitor a Dedicated Niche-Specific Blog

Creating and blogging with content specifically geared towards a specific niche subject that you’re thinking of writing a Kindle book on is an excellent way to go about monitoring and identifying fruitful topics in great detail. Ideally, you should post relatively often, with at least 2-3 times a week for at least 6-12 months being the norm.

Monitor your blog with a free traffic analyzer such as Google Analytics and track whether or not it grows in popularity during this time. If it does then you’ll know for certain that there is a specific group of people interested in your chosen topic.


>> Write an Ezine Article

If you’re more interested in much faster methods of test marketing potential Kindle book topics, you can alternatively try to write a short article on said test topic and offer it up for publishing for free via any of the top ezine directories (see: EzineArticles.com for starters). Doing this will ultimately allow you to provide a short resource box with a brief biography snippet of yourself, linking directly back to your website/blog or email list.

Be sure to keep track of any increased traffic to your site/blog or any new email subscribers to chart public interest in the topic. Or, alternatively, you can simply visit the ezine directory to see just how many times your piece was picked up and subsequently reproduced. This latter data would be what is known as an indication of market interest.


>> Whip Up a Press Release

Creating a quick press release on your test topic or niche and then distributing it via a widely used service such as PRWeb.com will let you know (quite quickly, in fact) how many hits it’s received. Obviously, the more hits the press release receives, the more the public interest in the topic. This isn’t rocket science, you know!


>> Survey or Questionnaire Your Blog’s Readers or E-mail List Subscribers

If you have either a decent sized readership on your blog or subscribed e-mail list, you can actually utilize them via a quick survey or questionnaire related to whichever topic you’re looking to test. This method works particularly well when trying to identify which percentage of your current readership or e-mail subscribers are interested in a topic different from the one you’re currently interacting with them through.


>> Produce a Significantly Shorter, Lesser Priced Mini-Version On Your Chosen Test Topic

Hey, you don’t have to go buckwild and write a 50,000 page manifesto for every Kindle book your produce. Simply come up with a smaller, preferably viral-esque Kindle book version for whichever topic you’re looking to test and publish it on the mass marketplace. Does it do well? Does it tank? The proof is in the (proverbial) pudding!



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