Increase Your Book Sales By Connecting More With Your Audience

4087184326_03c3104861If you want to sell more books, it’s helpful to create a strong connection with your book audience. Being able to “know your audience’s loves, hates, and interests is essential.

Using empathy to place yourself in the shoes of a prospective audience, and utilizing this information to not only produce Kindle books of great value to them, but to use every available option to identify possible demand within the core demographic as well.


So how exactly does one go about this? Well, let’s find out!


>> Firstly, Ask Yourself the Following Questions:


— What Are The Interests Of The Core Demographic You’re Looking to Target?

— What Does This Demographic Most Often Read?

— What Are Some of the Most Popular Kindle Books Already On the Market With Said Demographic?

— What Would Most Likely Entice Them? Interest Them? Enrage Them?

Are These People More of An Impulse Buyer Or Will They Perhaps Require a More Trust-Building Approach Instead?


There’s literally dozens of other things you can ask yourself, but hopefully you get the drift. Not only attempting to put yourself in their shoes but actually putting in the research to discover what exactly is already popular — or has been thus far — with said demographic is by far the easiest route to take.


>> Utilize Whichever Marketplaces You’re Planning to Sell Your Own Kindle Book On For Current Market Research


A simple trip to Amazon or even a lesser-known and less utilized marketplace such as Smashwords is all it takes to begin the research process. It’s also all it really takes to start getting an overall gauge and really coming to know and try to truly understand your potential target demo. Don’t be afraid to take notes if you’re the type for whom it would beneficial, especially if you save said notes and records for future reference down the road should you end up creating another Kindle book targeting either a portion or all of the demographic in question yet again.


>> The Amazon Marketplace Top Niche List Kindle Books Are a Goldmine of Information

Unsurprisingly, merely looking at the Top 10 (but preferably more like the Top 50-100) Kindle books within a particular niche is more than enough to give you enough information to at least make an educated decision regarding the value of either going ahead with your initial niche book plan or instead shying away.


Whatever you do, just make sure you don’t make decisions on Kindle books blindly or from your gut before doing any research whatsoever. You’re more than welcome to, but you’re ultimately just doing yourself much more harm than good and really just rolling some dice in a gamble on whether or not your first, blind niche choice will even work out.


>> If You Can, Survey Your Blog or Websites Readership or E-mail List’s Subscribers for Valuable Niche Information


A simple quiz, questionnaire or survey is all it takes to gain a clear, very specific window of insight into what a particular niche likes, doesn’t like and is/is not interested in trying for the first time.


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