Automating the Process of Finding Relevant Niche Reviewers

DSCN0101Your Kindle book reviews could essentially be described as the lifeline of the entire sales process. It can either make or break your book sales, and subsequent exposure as an author to the point that ignoring the process is futile. As with most everything in business, however, it’s always best to try and limit the amount of work you put in to receive adequate results – and finding relevant niche reviewers for your particular Kindle book is no different.

But where’s the best place to start? And is it even possible or feasible to automate such a process in the first place?

Introducing the Publisher’s Review Accelerator

Thankfully, it is entirely possible to automate the process of finding relevant reviewers for your particular Kindle book’s niche. No matter how great the content of your book, no matter how killer your description and no matter how intriguing and amazing your cover art, reviews can oftentimes be extremely hard to come by.

That is, until you discover the golden rule that the Publisher’s Review Accelerator will help you identify and cash in on. A la, the simple fact that the most effective Kindle book reviews are written by people who are already reviewing other similar books in the same niche.

These reviewers have their own circles of influence. They may also have an impressive amount of Facebook friends and other social media contacts –to the point where not utilizing such an obvious and readily available resource is damn near criminal.

The Magic of Getting Your Reviewers to Sell Your Books For You

It sounds so simple that it couldn’t possibly be true, but it is! Following a review by such niche reviewers as we just discussed, all it really takes is a simple request for them to share their reviews with their friends and family and viola – you’ve suddenly unlocked the vast and often times lucrative sphere of influence these reviewers have in the social media realm. All with a simple request!

Unfortunately, herein lays the problem with this method. That is, the fact that it can take hours upon hours of your hard-earned time to manually go through Amazon to find these niche reviewers, namely since most of them don’t share their contact information on that particular portal.

Thankfully, this is exactly where the Publisher’s Review Accelerator comes in! In what should take hours upon hours of manually sifting through Amazon reviewer profiles, hoping to strike gold with some contact information, now takes seconds with the help of the automated accelerator that comes equipped with the software.

Gone are the days of looking longingly at other authors’ Kindle book reviews on Amazon, wishing you had the same for your own product. The Publisher’s Review Accelerator software allows you to quickly and easily find related reviewers in your Kindle book’s niche and then subsequently profit off the suddenly tapped potential of said reviewers.

It really is so simple it’s amazing – and the fact that such an automated tool exists for your usage and utilization truly is a testament to the ingenuity that is fast becoming a staple of those within the self-publishing space.

Since the Publisher’s Review Accelerator software has just recently released, the pricing is fortunately quite low currently. But it’s certainly not going to remain that way forever as the scales of supply and demand dictate this amazing new self-publishing and self-promoting tool to a much higher pricing point. All in all, you’d do well to take advantage of the introductory low price now while you still can.

Or then again, you can always go back and sift through the Amazon review profiles manually for hours and hours at a time. In the end, the choice is yours, but it’s certainly a no-brainer. Choose wisely!

To see a demo of the Publisher’s Review Accelerator in action:

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