Getting Kindle Book Reviews-Faster and Easier Than Ever Before With Publisher’s Review Accelerator

boxshotAs you know, one of the biggest hurdles facing Kindle publishers is getting reviews for their book.

The more reviews, the better their book ranks on Amazon, and ultimately, the more sales.

So here’s what you do…You beg friends and family members
and fellow publishers in forums and Facebook Groups to write you reviews.

The above might work – but there is still a problem….

 The most effective review you can have is from someone

who actually reads and reviews books in your niche.

But how do you find relevant reviewers without spending
hours searching for the right reviewers?

With Publisher’s Review Accelerator, we’ve
introduced an automated solution that allows you to find
reviewers in minutes, not hours or days. And they even reveal
how to contact these reviewers in order to get your book reviewed.

This is groundbreaking automation that removes your biggest hurdle: Getting Reviews.

Publisher’s Review Accelerator Automates the task of finding related reviewers on Amazon. It searches for related books by keywords, locates reviewers and provides the reviewer’s contact information.

You can learn more here:

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