Blogging For Dough, Part Two: PPC vs. SEO

mmw_money_052110Blogging For Dough is a multi-part feature series that will take a small step back from focusing on self-publishing specifically and will instead explore a few different — yet still closely related — methods to making money online (albeit mainly in the vein of writing and posting for your own personal blog or website).

This particular post will serve as the second part in the series, specifically titled, Blogging For Dough, Part Two: PPC vs. SEO. Please do enjoy!

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Whether or not you’ve noticed it yet, there’s seemingly always been quite a heatedly fierce debate within this industry over which traffic generation method reigns supreme: PPC or SEO.

If you’re primarily interested in making as much money in as short a time as possible – and aren’t afraid to throw down some of your own money in the hopes of making this happen, then PPC is likely the way to go. However, the keyword here – as we just alluded to – is pay per click. You’re essentially going to have to drop a certain price every time someone clicks on one of your advertisements and is forwarded to your blog.

You have to spend money on advertising your blog/site’s ad in order to (hopefully) make money from the traffic you’re then receiving. To sum it up in layman’s terms for anyone out there who still doesn’t get the gist of it, you can make money with blogging and PPC due to arbitrage. Whatever you spend in PPC advertising your website or blog (let’s say… $100 a month) would obviously (and hopefully!) be less than what you gained in revenue from that very same website or blog.

So if you earn $200 from your blog each month and only spend $100 with PPC, then you’re making $100 a month profit. Which certainly isn’t a lot, but hey – a profit is better than a loss, and never does that ring truer or is that more apparent than in this space. Not to mention even small amounts of profit like that will certainly add up over time. And that’s all that really matters in the long run, right?
On the other hand, though, you have SEO. Many new online marketers, bloggers or site owners are most certainly pleased to learn from the get-go that SEO – at least for the most part — is 100% free.

Mind you, there are certain services that you can purchase or acquire that will help you achieve faster results with SEO than one normally would. But unfortunately, whereas you can drive traffic to your blog via PPC in just a few hours, you’re not really going to get much traffic with SEO – even if you do purchase some “link juice” or other similar services — for at least a week or two. Maybe even longer than that, though it ultimately all relies on the keywords you’ll be targeting on your blog or website and the competition level (see: popularity of keywords by your competition) those keywords in question.

While it’s kind of difficult to recommend either PPC or SEO to a newbie due to the many different personalized factors that come into play regarding which is the best advice for them, as a whole, SEO certainly is a lot more realistic option for those of you out there who’re literally just getting started out on your feet online. If you have the money to spend on the relatively quicker traffic that rides on the heels of a PPC campaign, then hey – by all means, make it happen. But if not, don’t worry about SEO not being just as powerful because there are things that you can do within the search engine optimization framework that would put PPC capabilities to shame.

Basically in the end, you get what you pay for. But the one big thing that most pro-SEO people like to note is that despite it taking a bit of time to get going compared to PPC campaigns, once you start getting traffic from SEO it will always be free and will keep rolling in. Then again, this certainly isn’t much money that’s “rolling in” during the early stages of a blog or websites lifespan, so again, they’re on a generally level playing field once more.

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