Blogging For Dough, Part One: A Profitable Primer

imagesdsBlogging For Dough is a multi-part feature series that will take a small step back from focusing on self-publishing specifically and will instead explore a few different — yet still closely related — methods to making money online (albeit mainly in the vein of writing and posting for your own personal blog or website).

This particular post will serve as the inaugural portion of the feature, aptly titled, Blogging For Dough, Part One: A Profitable Primer. Please do enjoy!

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It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. The short answer to the question of whether or not can you make money blogging about anything is, well… yes. But it’s also all a matter of just how much money you can make blogging about various things or passions of yours.

See, if you happen to be a decent writer and know how to research and become somewhat knowledgeable on various topics via Google, Bing and/or Yahoo, then you’re going to have a much, much easier time than if you’d simply tried to corner some random niche off the top of your head. It’s even better if you can work within something you’re already knowledgeable and/or passionate about, if possible. For instance, say someone liked reading various books and subsequently discussing them with friends and coworkers afterwards. Naturally, they’d want to know if they could possibly make any money blogging about books by reviewing them.

The short answer to that question, of course, is that yes, yes they could. They could put affiliate links of said books that were being reviewed into the review itself and if people liked said reviews and went to and bought something, they’d be awarded a certain amount of money. Certainly it sounds a lot easier than it actually would be in such an instance, but if you want to break it all down and see all of the moving parts that would ultimately net you money from blogging for dough, that’s about one of the simplest.

This brings us to the main, major problem with blogging for dough, though, especially if you’re just starting out. And that’s driving traffic to your particular blog in question.

Usually, when people complete their very first website, they’re not what you could call acutely aware of the fact that they’ll actually need to put in some effort and get people to visit their blog through various online marketing means. They just kind of think that as soon as their site goes live that people would just start magically showing up and visiting it.

It’s an extremely naïve yet absolutely humorous way that many new Internet site owners view the traffic process.

So how can you push traffic to your new website you’re trying to succeed in blogging for dough? Well, there are a variety of different options and paths one could take. However, easily the two most popular (outside of social media’s recent emergence upon the scene) are pay per click marketing (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO). E-mail marketing is another option but ultimately best left for those who actually know the demographic of e-mails they possess and – as a direct extension – how to ever-so-delicately market towards them without them unsubscribing to said emails.

But when it all comes down to it, the big two traffic driving online marketing methods reside in either PPC or SEO – and they each unsurprisingly have their own laundry list of various pros and cons. You’ll also likely find fierce proponents of either method within the industry as well, even though any online marketer or Kindle book publisher in their right mind would simply utilize both methods as they saw fit.

Unfortunately, though, it’s time to wrap up this inaugural edition of the Blogging For Dough feature series. We’ll be exploring the PPC vs. SEO debate much further in the next installment as well as breaking down the good and bad for each side of the fence. Stay tuned!

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