Dipping Your Toes in Guest Blogging

Computers-11Utilizing guest blogging as a way to promote yourself and gain increased traffic to your own site or blog is oftentimes an extremely overlooked strategy. While it does require a bit of effort and research on your end, the fact that you can demonstrate your expertise or knowledge on the niche or subject you’re currently operating within to a new, untapped audience certainly outweighs this several times over.

In the interests of getting you started in the right direction in regards to guest blogging, let’s go ahead and take a look at several things that you can do to ensure yourself some success from your efforts.

>> Do Your Blog Research

One of the biggest pitfalls those who are first attempting to guest blog on other sites make is that they simply apply anywhere and everywhere. Think a quantity over quality type philosophy.

While this may sound like it could work in theory, you’re much better off actually putting in the research and coming up with a list of the top 4-5 blog competitors to your own site. Although it should usually be within the same niche or subject of your expertise, feel free to think outside of the box in order to provide yourself with some intriguing and creative guest blogging options.

>> Demonstrate Your Knowledge, Provide Your Credentials & Include Your General Blog Statistics in Your “Pitch”

There’s no real need to hard sell yourself in your e-mail or phone pitch. A good rule of thumb is to think of said pitch almost like a resume – only include the most crucial information and keep it as short and sweet as you possibly can. Be honest, explain who you are, which site(s) or blog(s) you run and explain exactly why you’re an authority on the subject matter. In regards to providing your general blog/site statistics, daily, weekly and monthly uniques in addition to your Google Page Rank, Alexa ranking and SERP rankings (if applicable) should suffice.

>> Honesty is Key

Whatever you do, don’t lie or try to overinflate your statistics or knowledge on the subject. There’ll be nothing worse than landing a guest post only for that blog’s owner to ultimately discover you weren’t bringing exactly what you said you were to the table. Your reputation and popularity here is of the utmost importance, and you can rest assured that such dishonesty will get you nowhere quickly (not to mention such information likely spreading like wildfire).

>> Provide Samples or Even Write Out the Guest Post You Had in Mind in Full to Provide

At the very least, you should provide applicable samples on the subject/niche in question for the blog/site owner to take a look at. To give yourself an even better shot at landing the gig, you can even go ahead and write the entire guest post out beforehand for them to read through. While this may seem a bit risky, all you’ll need to do is simply use said post in your pitch to the next blog or site you’re applying to guest post on, ultimately increasing the odds that the time you spent on writing the post out beforehand was not wasted.

All in all, while it may seem intimidating at first, most site/blog owners are more than happy to include a solid guest post on their site as long as you actually know what you’re talking about. Simply illustrate to them that you do, indeed, know what you’re talking about and you’ll be reaping the wonderful benefits of guest blogging for your blog(s), site(s) or Kindle books in no time!

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