Amazon Cash Machines – Webinar Replay

All we can say is WOW!
We hosted a webinar with
Jay Boyer and John S. Rhodes and
Jay gave so much free content in the
first hour he was literally exhausted
but it was well worth it because
everyone was so appreciative of
what he shared.
Watch the replay here:
There is no doubt that you will
walk away with more knowledge that you
can immediately put into place with your
kindle business.
Watch the replay here:

Here is just some of what’s covered:

* How to triple your Kindle royalties
in less than 20 minutes

* Amazon Bestseller strategies that
really WORK

* How to set up your own publishing
house (for fast $8K paydays)
(This is big bucks)

* The secret to putting your book
“on steroids” with a _______ website.

* Going…going…GONE!  Book auction
secrets at

* Amazon’s “Best Kept Secret” (98%
have never heard of this one)

* And much, more more… do not miss
this training!

Set some time aside to watch this because
you will get so much out of it!  I actually
have this course and it catapulted my
Kindle Business.

Watch the replay here:
P.S – Watch this until the very end
because they include so many goodies
plus a bonus from Amy & Debbie!

 Amazon Cash Machines

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