The PLR Myth Debunked (PLR to Published)

If you’re at all active in any of the various self-publishing and self-marketing communities online — be they message boards, chat rooms, social groups or whichever — then it’s highly likely that you’ve heard a fair share regarding private label rights (PLR) Kindle books recently.


Forget everything you’ve ever heard about PLR books — both good and bad — because we’re going to start at the very beginning and break down all the facts for you. You know, so in the end it’ll sufficiently help allow you to decide and ultimately make your own decision regarding the matter. A pretty fair deal, no?


Essentially, PLR is derived from its offline marketing counterpart, “private labeling.” However, since in online marketing we deal far more often with intangible digital properties (such as e-books, graphic design templates and software), private label rights (PLR) give potential license holders the permission and authority to either redistribute, modify, resell, repurpose or edit said original digital property in any way or method they deem fit. Or at least that’s what PLR allowed people to do originally.


Now brace yourselves, as this is where we’ll be getting into the core overall reason as to why so many people are so very wary and/or have such a big problem with trying to market PLR as a whole. And that’s that basically that despite originally allowing it to slide back in the early days of online book publishing, Amazon/Kindle eventually made a change that essentially prohibited anyone from using any material that was published freely anywhere online within their Kindle books. In a nutshell, this basically banned everyone from using any freely available, formerly freely licensed PLR material in any way.


Now, with all this said, that certainly isn’t to say or even suggest that everyone should just ignore PLR for the remainder of our lives and never pay it any mind ever again. Because as with everything in this industry, there is always a way to go about things in a way that is both conducive to making you more money and also paying proper heed and respect to the boss-hivemind existing over at Amazon and Kindle. It’s almost like an everybody wins type situation, you just need to go about marketing and monetizing PLR-based products and books the right way.


And which way is that, you’re probably asking? Well, since there’s no doubt you’re likely at your wits end in regards to reading this particular post, kindly allow us to point you in the new direction of our definitive, step-by-step guide to properly utilizing private label rights and Kindle books in one-fell swoop, and all while adhering to the great and powerful Amazon’s anti-PLR guidelines. That’s right, kindly allow me to introduce you to PLR to Published!


Learn not only how to use PLR properly to help your Kindle book niche research and overall organization, but also what you can do to help gain an edge on publishing your own Kindle books with the help of PLR (and it’s most certainly not what you may think!).


We could sit here until the cows come home and debate whether PLR is still a viable investment of your time and energy. However, no one will ever win because there’s no right or wrong answer. However, if you’re still intrigued by the amazing potential that PLR still offers even in this anti-PLR online day and age, then there’s no doubt you’ll find a lot to like, love and use to your monetary advantage in our in-depth yet easy-to-follow PLR to Published guide. So whad’ya say?


becomes quite clear — you just need to know what to look for and how to approach the research process in the best, most efficient possible way and you should have no problem benefiting from PLR licenses with no problem at all.


If you’re looking to learn more about not only if it’s possible to make money on Kindle with PLR content, but specifically how to do it, then feel free to check out our definitive PLR To Published guide to help walk you through the entire process.


Don’t believe the PLR myths and instead educate yourself with the power of knowledge — click right here to check out our step-by-step PLR To Published guide and start profiting off other people’s hard work instead of your own TODAY!

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