Picking an Effective Kindle Book Niche 101

For something as important as choosing which Kindle book market or niche to enter – which can have drastic effects on the difficulty or breaking into Amazon’s vaunted Top 1,000 – you certainly wouldn’t know it from the lack of information about it across the Net.

What Type of Niches?

Overall, the best Kindle markets or niches are the ones that have plenty of consistently active buyers who either want to know as much as possible about a certain topic (in regards to non-fiction) or are just extremely passionate about the genre niche in question (in regards to fiction). Contrary to popular belief, while you should always strive to keep abreast of your competition and use them to motivate you to be the best of your peer grouping, the Kindle book market is one in which you don’t have to worry about this aspect very much at all.

This rings true especially for non-fiction-based niches, as most people will very rarely buy only one Kindle book on a subject they’re interested in or wanting to learn more about. As such, naturally the broader, more multi-faceted and complex your niche topic is the better.

Not Your Typical Strategy

It’s almost the exact opposite of a strategy as you’d initially think, especially if you have any other kind of online or offline marketing background. Instead of trying to find relatively untapped, little known niches without much in the way of competition, we instead want to focus on finding the most popular, competition-laden niches and topics we can find. As long as the niche in question isn’t overly saturated, a simple creative brainstorming session should net you several different ideas to approach the actual content of your Kindle book.

This isn’t to say there isn’t value in trying to also seek out some of these aforementioned little known markets and niches, especially in regards to the fictional side of the fence. Overall, it’s just important to stress that finding these little “nuggets” is not nearly as crucial as such research would be in other forms of online or even offline marketing. As we’ve just learned, the fiction or non-fiction designation for your chosen market or niche will dictate which of these aforementioned strategies to undertake, but regardless of this, you’re going to want to find markets and niches that have a sizeable following and reader-base the vast majority of the time.

Importance of Rankings

The other important aspect of your market research that you should take care to focus on is identifying the likelihood of breaking into a particular niche’s Top 1,000 rankings list. Once this is accomplished, Amazon will actually go so far as to recommend your Kindle book to readers who are known to enjoy or be interested in that particular niche free of charge. The traffic and visibility you’ll receive from breaking into these Top 1,000 lists is simply astronomical. As such, this should ultimately be your final end-goal in regards to any Kindle book campaign you undertake from the get-go.

With all this said, don’t let any of this strategic aspect of market or niche research steer you away from writing a Kindle book about any topic under the sun if you’re truly passionate or extremely interested in it. Sometimes the very best Kindle books are written by the authors who have a sincere and passionate love for the topic, niche or genre they’re writing for. In the end, finding a comfortable balance of a topic that you enjoy writing about or are interested in learning more about as you write with ensuring this particular topic resides in a market or niche that you can break into is what it’s all about. As with most things, it takes a bit of practice but you’ll most certainly get better at researching and discovering certain markets or niches as you gain direct on-the-job experience doing so.

Regardless of which direction you choose to take, though, good luck and continue doing what you love!

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