The Future of Marketing Your Book via Social Media

It certainly doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that social media is easily one of the biggest and best things to happen to Kindle book self-publishers since, well… since forever! Just a few years ago, a budding author or writer who wanted to publish their own book would have had to go through the highly difficult and highly complicated big publishing channels, ultimately clinging to a laughably small percentage at hopefully striking it big.

Thankfully, though, since the inception of social media and the generalized online social culture that the Internet has fostered in recent years, it’s never been easier for anyone from any walk of life to publish their own book on Kindle if they so choose to do so — and not only that, but also make a moderately sizeable income from doing so.

So the question really remains, is this as good as it gets in regards to social media? And if not, just how high can the self-publishing and self-marketing aspect of social media truly go?

Well, thankfully for you — and all of us who are making a full or part-time income from writing/publishing our own Kindle books, really – things are looking to get even better in regards to marketing via social media. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the specific social media outlets and where things may end up going in the future below.

>> Facebook

Say what you want about the collective powers that be over at Facebook and their ability to manage their IPO situation (although pretty much everything’s already been said at this point), but you have to admit that Facebook has certainly went above and beyond in regards to their advertising and business marketing interface lately. They really didn’t have to do anything at all and they still would have gone on raking in the big bucks, so the fact that they continue to try and improve both from a social media user and marketer aspect really speaks volumes about where the resource will likely go in the future.

Lucrative, multi-tiered enhancements to fan pages, likes, sponsored posts and much more has made Facebook the cream of the crop in regards to marketing your Kindle book online – whether you’re looking to spend money on advertising or not.

>> Twitter

If it’s not broken then don’t fix it, and never has this famous saying rung more true than with Twitter and its existence as a resource for promoting your Kindle book – usually for free. While it’s unlikely that any major changes or tweaks to the overall tweeting system will come into effect anytime soon, this is perfectly okay, because the fact that millions upon millions of people are pretty much clinically addicted to Twitter ensures – like Facebook – that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. So you’d do well to educate yourself on the many different ways you can promote your Kindle book(s) on the platform – both free and paid-for (sponsored).

>> Google+

In the overall totem pole of “hip” or “cool” social media platforms, Google+ may consistently lose out to Facebook and Twitter, but the fact that there are still hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of active, consistent users of the service dictate that there’s still much to utilize when it comes to marketing your Kindle book on the social media resource.

And come on, if there was ever a company that you’d want to be in charge of ensuring that a particular social media outlet never went stale or out of commission, it would have to be Google wouldn’t it?

>> Presently Unknown Wildcards

Can you believe that just a few short years ago the Internet and all of its inhabitants never even knew of the yet-to-be-created Facebook, Twitter or Google+? Pretty insane isn’t it? And thanks to the obvious fact that the entire world can’t get enough of this social media craze, there’s surely going to be even more big guns of the social media industry that are created in the short future that we never even thought could be possible.

With the current rate of internet and mobile technology advancement, there’s certainly bound to be something. Actually, there’s certainly bound to be many different something’s on the docket for you to utilize in your Kindle book promotion and marketing down the line in the future. So you better get educated on the current social media outlets before even more come along or you’ll really be behind the curve!

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