The 4 Core Phases In Effectively Marketing Your Kindle Book

If you’re just getting started out in the marketing your own Kindle book, then there’s a lot of different advice and generalized information to wrap your head around. But what are the core phases that you should be focusing on or following in order to effectively market your Kindle book on the Amazon marketplace?

Well, let’s take a look at the four core phases involved in the entire process below, shall we?

>> 1. Writing Your Kindle Book for Your Audience

Before you even think about the actual marketing process, you should ensure that the actual book that’s going to be promoted is specifically written for your core audience. Essentially, the more your audience can relate to what you’ve written, the more likely they’re going to actually want to read it, purchase it, and then potentially purchase and read even more books from you down the line.

>> 2. Establishing a Core Business Plan

Regardless of whether you plan on going one and done, or writing and marketing more of your own Kindle books in the future, you should approach your current project as if it were an actual business. Just as you would with a new product launch in any other industry, you’re going to want to plan out a specific strategy to implement while also setting some realistically obtainable goals – along with the established methods and different things that you need to do in order to be able to achieve these goals.

The most important aspect of this particular phase is to ensure that you follow through with everything that you plan and map out your goals.

>> 3. Pricing Your Kindle Book to Sell

Research other books in your niche and price your book accordingly. You may want to offer a lower introductory price. However, don’t make the mistake of pricing your book too high or too low. Experiment with different price points within the range of your targeted market.

>> 4. Marketing Your Kindle Book Online

Websites and social networks that serve as excellent resources for online Kindle book promotion are Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and even WordPress if you decide that you’re going to carve out a specific website for either your specific book or yourself as an author. Leveraging free promotional days can also give your book a huge amount of exposure.

Just remember, the more marketing that you do, the more the word about your book is going to spread, and when it comes to online books, word of mouth is arguably even more important than if you had a book in print.

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