The Four Key Pillars for Creating an Effective Lead-Generation Kindle Book

There’s no doubt about it – becoming a publisher Kindle book author is easily the fastest (and arguably best) way to add credibility to your name. But while credibility is all well and great, it’s kind of intangible, and it’s something that you can’t really enjoy in a concrete fashion.

Fortunately, becoming a Kindle book publisher is also a spectacularly effective way to attract highly targeted leads to your website as well. And since this essentially leads to more money in your pocket… well, surely you get the drift.

But how do you exactly go about creating an effective (at the very least) lead-generation Kindle book? Well, you follow the four ridiculously simple key pillars we’ve kindly outlined for you below actually!

>> The Four Key Pillars of Creating an Effective Lead-Generation Kindle Book

  1. Introducing and Presenting the Problem

Presenting a particular problem to people – especially if they weren’t even sure they even had or were experiencing it – is a foolproof introduction to effectively informing these people need to solve said problem as soon as humanly possible. Presenting and introducing the problem initially helps to build a sense of trust, and firmly establishes you as an authority on the subject that can be trusted.

  1. Outlining the Current Available Solutions and Then Explaining Why They Don’t Work Whatsoever

Naturally, people are even more susceptible to a definitive solution that they’re just learning about if they are guided through the current available solutions in a way that is informative – at least at first. Once the current available solutions are defined and established, they can then be completely torn down with malice aforethought. Just try and remember to play nice, kids and don’t go overboard here.

  1. Summarize Your Overall Plan or Message

Once the previous steps have been completed, you’ll want to reel your readers in and remind them of the “big idea” so to speak. This essentially reminds them why they’re even reading your lead-generation Kindle book and also preps quite exceptionally for the all-important fourth pillar.

  1. Introduce and Discuss Your Alternative, Effective Solution

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Just strive not to be too overly sensationalistic in the interests of not sacrificing the authoritative role you’ve established and the trust that you’ve built with the reader throughout the Kindle book thus far.

It really goes without saying that you’re going to need to have an effective, attention-grabbing book cover in order to even give your book the opportunity to convert readers. Unless you’re quite knowledgeable about design then it’s highly, highly recommended that you bite the bullet and pay the price for a talented, well-established freelance designer.

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