How to Effectively Utilize the Facebook Promoted Posts Feature

Regardless of whether or not you’re even familiar with Facebook advertising whatsoever, the odds are you’re, at the very least, quite familiar with the Facebook social platform as a whole. In regards to promoting your page on the platform, though, suffice it to say that there’s quite a substantial learning curve. Whether it’s learning about cost per click (CPC), cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM), pay per click (PPC), or click thru ratio (CTR) – just to name a few – it’s easy to establish that marketing on Facebook (and even just promoting your particular page on there in general) gives new meaning to the term “serious business”.

Rest easy, though, because it’s not all complicated and rabbit hole-ish. Oh no, there’s actually an extremely easy, exceptionally useful and beneficial feature you can utilize to promote your Facebook page on the social media platform without much hassle at all!

That’s right – as you’ve no doubt already surmised from the post’s title, we’re, of course, talking about the Facebook promoted posts feature. Be sure to take notes!

>> What Are Facebook Promoted Posts?

In layman’s terms, Facebook promoted posts are business pages that aim to either gain the attention of fans or potential customers/prospects that no longer see posts in their newsfeed, or alternatively begin building a en entirely new fan/customer base by targeting the friends of your current page’s fans.

It’s quite ingenious if you really think about it. While you do have to pay for these promoted posts, they’re placed directly into the news feed or either more fans similar to the ones you already have, or the friends and friends of friends of your Facebook page’s current fan list.

>> The Finer Points and Limitations of the Promoted Post Facebook Feature

  •      Feature is only available to Facebook pages with a minimum of 400 total “likes”.
  •       You’re unable to specifically choose the date and time that your posts actually runs, since once it is approved it will more or less run until your set goal has been met.
  •       Images, links, videos, status updates – practically anything you can think of can be utilized within the actual promoted posts framework. The sky and scope of your imagination and creativity really is the limit!
  •       Once your promoted Facebook post begins running you can (thankfully) pause, cancel or edit it at any time.
  •       You’re only charged based on results, clicks or impressions that are garnered while said post is running.

Not bad, huh? I bet you’re ready and raring to get started using this feature though aren’t you? Well, let’s get you started then shall we?

>> Your Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Promoted Posts Facebook Feature

  1.     Navigate to your page’s post that you’d like to promote and click on the “promote” button on the lower right hand side underneath it.
  2.     Choose whether you’d like to promote this post to solely your page’s current fans only or to them as well as all of their friends as well.
  3.     Set your budget according to how many people you’re hoping to target with your promoted post.
  4.     Click the save button and your post will then be automatically submitted for review to the Facebook ad approval team. You’ll be notified regardless of if it’s accepted or rejected via the e-mail you have attached to the Facebook account you’re currently logged into.

And you’re done. Easy as pie, isn’t it?


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