Get Paid For Your Content With Udemy: For Writers and Product Creators


Are you looking to get the most revenue out of your content?

Writers and content creators can now make money by creating online courses on Udemy. It’s easy to make money with Udemy, and close to 96% of instructors make sales, with the average instructor earning about $7,000. Here are a few benefits of making content for Udemy.

Creating Course for Udemy

You don’t need to be a video expert to create videos for Udemy. Courses just need to be at least 30 minutes long (though most are about 1-2 hours), and 60% of it should be video content, which can be screencasts or slides. While you can release courses without going through the official approval process (which allows you to upload anything), this will work against you because the course will be hard to find. Udemy works with its instructors to help them create the best courses in the least amount of time.


You can charge your own fee per course. According to Udemy, most instructors charge around $10-$30 per course hour. This means that most courses cost about $30 to $100. So, how much does Udemy charge? First of all, it’s free to create a profile and upload content. There are three main revenue structures:

  • 100% revenue share on students that instructors bring to Udemy

  • 50% revenue share on students that Udemy brings to an instructor’s course

  • 25% revenue share on students that are driven by Udemy paid ads

Speaking of affiliates, Udemy has a powerful affiliate following, which makes it much easier to sell good courses.

Share Your Expertise

What are you good at? If you write content, then you’re often limited to more “lucrative niches” like making money online, financing, business and so on.

However, people are interested in learning everything, from baking cakes to growing flowers. This allows you to expand into nearly any niche, as long as you can provide enough content. Also, unlike making a blog, you don’t have to write free content in the hopes of making advertising revenue. You are instantly paid whenever someone purchases your course.

Perfect Marketing

Do you have your own blog or book? Udemy is the perfect way to gain more visibility and authority for all your content. You can link out to other websites (as resources) within your course. For example, if you’re talking about repairing a computer and you have a relevant tech blog, then you can link to it. This gives you the opportunity to increase the revenue of your blog, and it also improves your authority status because it shows that you actively create content in this niche.

This is also great for offline consultants and service providers. Having a course shows that you truly know what you’re talking about, and it will make other business owners look favorably on you and service.


Udemy is a great way to make money from your content.

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