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When it comes to building your author platform, few pages are as important as your Amazon author page. While this isn’t as long as your blog, and it won’t change as frequently as your social media pages, the major advantage is that the author pages acts as a hub for your publishing experience. It allows you to link to your social media page and blog, and you can add various files to the page to spice it up. It will also display all of your current books, which allows interested readers to see what else you have produced. Here are a few tips for making your author page as good as it can be.

Linking Other Websites

First of all, you should understand that your author page can link out to other websites that are associated to you. This is an essential marketing practice for several reasons. Your other websites allow you to say whatever you want, and you can always talk about new developments in your writing or author career, which ensures that dedicated fans know what you are up to. Another major advantage is that this ensures that the reader’s attention is on you.

When someone is on Amazon, he or she can quickly look at other authors and books, but that’s not the case when they’re on your website. That person’s focus is entirely on you, which can help fortify your author platform.

So, how do you add your blog to the author page? Go to the Author Central Profile page and click the “Blog” tab, then click “Add Blog.” You can then add the feed from your blog, which will post a teaser shot of your newest blog post. You can find more info here: https://authorcentral.amazon.com/gp/help?ie=UTF8&topicID=200341590.

What about your social media page? You can currently only add Twitter to your account, which is still useful because it allows people to read your latest Tweets and visit your social media page at the same time. Amazon is currently working on a way to add Facebook integration, but this hasn’t happened just yet. For now, you’re stuck with using Twitter, so make an account or become more active at Twitter.

Adding Files

Did you know that you can add up to eight photos and another eight videos to your author page? Some authors don’t see the power of this, but the truth is that photos and videos will help to distinguish your page while adding some color and life to the website. You shouldn’t just post random images and videos. Post files of yourself or something that works with your writing style. Just ensure that the files make people think of you.

You can easily do this from the Author Central Profile page. Adding both files is very easy, but just be sure that the videos are less than 10 minutes long and smaller than 500MB, otherwise the video will be rejected. You can find more official information here:

https://authorcentral.amazon.com/gp/help?topicID=200418470. The best part about this is how well it distinguishes your profile from everyone else’s, especially since photos and videos aren’t quite common yet.

Talking About Yourself

The main purpose of your author page is to give you space to talk about yourself, but how do you properly do that? Do you just talk about things you like and the types of books you write, or is there a more professional way to do it? It’s best to write an engaging and cohesive biography that highlights your writing achievements and goals while also telling readers what they can expect from you.You should also write about any awards or recognition that you’ve received to make people respect your writing even more.

Most of all, ensure that it’s interesting. Aside from using some keywords here and there (and they should be sparing), this is the best way to get people involved in your writing. If you come off as an interesting writer, then people will immediately think that your books are interesting. Be sure to use your best copy writing skills to give the people what they want.

Don’t just write a bland biography. Make it something unique and powerful, even if you haven’t written many books. Every word should be used to get people interested in your books now and in the future.

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