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Here’s the deal – we’ve realized for some time that one of the keys to more book sales is multi-platform distribution. And we’ve been distributing our books manually that way for a while now, to various platforms like the iBookstore, Barnes and Noble, and Google Books.However, it’s slow and time-consuming to set-up distribution at every single book outlet.

We’ve now found a better way. Speedy Distribution distributes our books to over 38,000 locations. We upload them once, and Speedy does the rest of the work for us. This is the way to scale massive book distribution and more passive income from our publishing.

Many marketers tell you about a product or service and it’s all hearsay, but not this time. We actually bought this for our business and we are publishing books to it every week.  We are now slowly but surely moving over all of our books to Speedy Distribution, and will publish our new books there as well.

It’s just not worth it to us or our outsourcing dollars to publish to each site individually anymore. There were hundreds of sites that we were missing and we couldn’t possibly ever publish to them all and it’s probably safe to assume that neither can you!!

If you are looking to make more money and get more exposure from your book publishing, Speedy Distribution is the place to be. Right now we are having a limited time special offer and some great bonuses are being included when you purchase through our affiliate link below:


  • Our Speed Boat Distribution Training – we mentioned above that we publish our books to Speedy now. We’ve put together a training that is condensed from 4 hours to 45 minutes, and it’s everything you need to know to get started with the different formats your books need to be in.
  • We are also including any and all of our outsourcing material that we give to our outsourcers and VAs to train them on formatting.  It’s all yours if you purchase through our link.

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