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Video Course Mastery


Video Course Mastery is a 4 week video course creation boot camp that reveals how to easily repurpose content and create video-based e-learning courses for Udemy and other venues.

We released Under the Radar List Building a few months ago, revealing our strategies for promoting our content with Udemy, the fastest-growing e-course learning platform. That product was popular and successful (and we even received WSO of the day!).

Since then, we’ve had continuing success with Udemy, and we’ve become even more impressed with the many benefits of publishing content on the Udemy platform.

We currently have over 1000 students in our Udemy courses, with more added nearly each day.

 Udemy is a fantastic place to reupurpose a wide variety of other content, such as: Kindle books, info-products, membership programs and more.

The problem is: the learning curve. We’ve realized that many people simply have no idea how to successfully publish a course on Udemy, which is video-centric, and think it’s too complicated.

We’re here to say that nearly everyone who has content could benefit from putting a related course on Udemy, and that we can help. We’re announcing the launch of our 4 Week training: Video Course Mastery.  


In this 4 week bootcamp, we’ll have 4 weekly sessions that cover:


  • Course Goal-Setting, Niche, and Content Selection
  • Easy Course Creation Methods for Non-Techies
  • Course Acceptance and Publication
  • Promotion and Monetization Strategies

These will be live training sessions with q and a at the end of each session. And, we will have a recording of each completed session available in the member’s area.



Free webinar Training: 5/23

Invite Your List through your JVZOO Aff. Link and Get A Commission

Affiliate Link:

At the end of the webinar, everyone who attended will have to opportunity to sign-up for the complete training, which will be a one-time fee of $67, with a special live webinar offer of $47 for a limited time.

We’d love to have you on board! You simply need to invite people to the free training webinar (or the replay) and we’ll do the rest!

The Webinar will cover:

  • How to take advantage of massive free traffic with this platform
  • How to easily find hot niches with high-interest and low competition
  • Tips and Strategies for repurposing content you already have
  • Tips and Strategies for cross-promoting your content on this platform

Thanks to JVZoo technology, you will be cookied for any sales that occur from the people you send to the webinar. and you will then get a commission when they purchase the training. 

Sending people to the live webinar on May 23rd through your JVzoo affiliate link is the best, because the conversion rates will be the highest.

However, if you miss that promotional day, we will have a webinar replay page in place, and your affiliate. link will work for either the live or the replay page.


This is an awesome opportunity to refer your subscribers to fantastic free training with the opportunity for a sizable commission. We’d love to have you on board!


Invite your subscribers to a free webinar on 5/23 at 4 PDT with your JVZOO affiliate link.

4 week course

$47 (then $67 after special is over) 

50% commission

Live Training Sessions:








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Free Training: Increase Your Audience In Nearly Any Niche

Do you want to increase your fan base for your publishing? Are you looking to build your brand, establish or increase your credibility as an expert, and sell more books?

 Then join Amy and Deb on: 5/23/13 at 4pm PDT

In this free training, they’ll  be sharing their successful strategies to expand your content platform, repurpose your content, cross-promote your books and more!


You’ll discover how to connect with targeted audiences in your niche, and how you can present your content on a platform that has little or no competition…all for free!


This is a powerful method to market yourself and your content.  Deb and Amy will show their own success with this method and offer tips and strategies that will help you get the most out of this awesome content platform.