Power Promotion:

Promoting with Podcasts & Internet Radio Shows

Leverage The Power of Free Publicity


Hosts who are desperate to fill their time slots. Even with little or no media experience, being on a show is an incredibly easy way to talk about your business, blog, book or service. The show hosts make it very easy for you to promote yourself and have fun discussing the topic.  

Your Goal: Promote by using people who already have a large audience begging for content.  

Discover how ANYONE can leverage the power of radio shows and podcasts for free publicity.

This step-by-step training shows you how and where and to contact radio shows, podcasts and other types of broadcast media in your niche.

Discover how to get these shows interviewing you about your book, blog or service and providing you hours of free media exposure to a responsive audience.

Included In This Offer: 

  1. What you need to do before you approach radio shows and podcasts to ensure maximum success
  2. How to insure a successful interview, even if you have no media experience
  3. What to say, and what not to say in order to get booked as a guest
  4. A complete list of shows that are actively searching for content to promote, right now (INSANE VALUE HERE)
  5. How to easily setup YOUR VERY OWN radio show or podcasts so you can promote yourself 24 hours a day/7 days a week

Outline of The Course

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