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Become an iPublisher


Become an iPublisher reveals how to publish multimedia books directly to Apple’s iBookstore. We reveal how to incorporate videos, widgets and more to create truly awesome books. This is an over 30 page PDF guide with step-by-step training, screenshots, and examples.

In addition to Become an iPublisher (which is for Mac users only), we are also including our training which reveals how to publish to the iBookstore, without a Mac! 

We show how to easily publish to an awesome market:

  • Little-to-no competition on buying keywords
  • Making sales every single day on books that don’t even get SEEN in the Kindle
  • Making a nice stream of passive income with ONE PIECE OF CONTENT

We also have a fantastic special offer (which will also be available in the member’s area for continued purchases) that includes:

  • In-depth Keyword Research on hot topics. We reveal keywords with high search volume and low competition in the iBookstore. Hot topics like: lose weight and Paleo diet are included. These niches are ready for publishing now!
  • Personal-Use PLR content in these hot topics that includes: articles, reports, graphics and more. Plus, training showing how to use this PLR for research and as a basis for new content (Don’t worry, we aren’t telling people to publish PLR as-is).
  • Live iBookstore Publishing Training



Launch Details:

May 10th, 11 am EDT

Self-hosted Page


FE:75% commission


Special Offer: iPublisher Domination

Hot Niches with high-demand and low competition in the iBookstore, related PLR, and Live training!


50% Commission

Contact: Amy at

Review Copies Available



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Time-Machine for Kindle Publishers?


Wouldn’t it be great if you could  go back in time and dominate hot niches with your ebooks? While the Kindle store has become increasingly competitive, there is another thriving marketplace: the iBookstore. This is Apple’s bookstore, and it comes pre-built into nearly all of their products, like the iPad.  Millions of people are downloading and reading books right now from the iBookstore.


And the good news is, this platform is not nearly as saturated. If you have quality content, it’s incredibly easy to dominate popular niches and topics that get thousands of searches every month.


However, it can be difficult to publish to the iBookstore, but with Become an Ipublisher, Debbie and Amy reveal how to publish multimedia-rich ebooks; with videos, widgets, and more! You’ll discover all of the secrets and strategies necessary to successfully publish to the iBookstore.  This training provides step by step screenshots and examples, and is for Mac users.


Not a Mac user? Not to worry! They also include additional training on how to publish to the iBookstore, no Mac Needed!


The special offer includes in-depth niche research: hundreds of keywords in hot topics that have low and very low competition in the iBookstore…plus hot topic PLR to help you get published fast, and Live Training on iBookstore success.

If you want to increase your ebook income, you need to be in the iBookstore, you can learn more here:


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