Automate Your Book Promotion – KD Promo Review

KD Promo Review – Book Promotion Automation Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

It used to be that you can simply put your book up on Amazon Kindle and sales would automatically come flying into your account. Unfortunately, these days are gone!  In fact, the reason why so many people began to publish to the kindle is because of the dream to make a passive income from doing one book once and getting a constant stream of income month after month.

You can still make a great passive income with Kindle, but there is a bit more effort then what it used to be.  These days, you need to go the extra mile and promote your book to get the exposure you need for the passive income you desire.  40,000 kindle books are published each day, so you can imagine that you need to put some effort into getting your book in front of potential buyers because it is not going to happen automatically anymore.

One strategy to get your book in front of interested buyers is this one:

1) First what you need to do is to get your book on kdp Select – which is a way for you to make your book free over a period of 5 days in a 90 day period. The goal is to get as many people to download your book during these free days.  This will help in getting people to know who you are as an author as well as allow your book rankings to climb up the charts in the eyes of amazon.  If done properly, this strategy works very well.

2) Next you are going to want to post your free days on popular sites like  Sites like these will give you the opportunity to promote your book for absolutely free of charge!

The major problem with this strategy is that there are over 300 of these sites!! For this strategy to be effective, you should be posting your book free days on all of them.  This takes a lot of time and also money (especially if you outsource or hire someone to do this posting for you).  Think about it – if you have several books and you need to post them each to 300 sites, this takes a lot of time, energy, work and money! There has to be a better way…..and there is!!

Rob Howard created The KD Promo App.

kd-promoThis is the best automated Kindle promotion tool on the market!

Here is a webinar replay we did about the app:


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The Best Way To Get Maximum Exposure For Your Kindle Books Completely Automated and Effective


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