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We’re really excited to share our brand new training: Non Fic Pic Pro, which reveals how to easily create picture books for the rabid non-fiction children’s market. Parents and kids love these books.

Non Fic Pic Pro reveals how to easily create popular non-fiction children’s picture books and quickly bring them to market.

In addition to step-by-step training we include:

  • Content Research Resources
  • Research Done For You (Categories & Topics)
  • Image Resources & Training

Launch Details and Links

Non Fic Pic Pro releases on October 15th at 11 EST. 

Funnel Link:

Front End

9.95 at 75% Commission

Price increase to $17 after October 31st

Back End

$47 at 50% Commission

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Special Offer Details

Our special offer is time-saving picture Book Creation Software that easily creates picture books in minutes. Simply drop in text and photos, and the books are instantly formatted. Brought to you by Rob Howard and Lina Trivedi.

The software features include:

  • Resizes pictures and photos
  • Format for immediate upload to KDP
  • Create as many picture books as you want…

See it in action….

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Subject Lines:

Expanding Your Passive Income With Kindle

Easy Kindle Books That Sell

Creating a true passive income with Kindle relies on having a portfolio of popular books that sell. However, it can be time-consuming to publish books regularly. But, what if you could create high-quality books in a short amount of time, so you can truly increase your passive income?

Deb and Amy’s  reveals how to easily create non-fiction children’s books with their brand new Non Fic Pic Pro. Parents and kids love these books!

In Non Fic Pic Pro they show how you can easily create these books with minimal writing that readers love. There is also a special offer option to have automated book creation that creates high-quality books in no time.

In addition to step-by-step training they  include:

  • Content Research Resources

  • Image Resources

  • Image Training

  • And  much more…

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