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Deb and Amy’s Products

Kindle Automation Tools

  • KD Promo Submitter

    KD Promo Submitter submits your book sample to dozens of popular eBook directories for free, at the push of a button. Now you can get faster traffic – and even faster sales – than ever before.Click Here For Details

Book Creation Products

  • PLR To Published

    Shows you how to take existing work and turn it into original content Click Here For Details

  • Fast & Cheap Story Books

    Stop spending tons of money on illustrating your storybooks. We teach you little tricks to save you money – secrets that illustrators don’t want you to know! Click Here For Details

  • Picture Perfect Publishing

    This is the easiest Kindle niche to tap into. This niche is easy enough for beginners and more experienced publishers can profit too! Click Here For Details

  • Non Fic Pic Pro

    Create one of the easiest types of kindle books fast and super easy – non fiction kids books are always in high demand and here’s how to create them Click Here For Details

  • Vintage Publishing Profits

    Vintage Publishing Profits reveals how to use old content to create new products in dozens of popular niches. You’ll discover strategies & done for you tools to help you publish books fast! Click Here For Details

  • Translation Publishing Treasures

    Imagine being able to profit time and time again from your book, not just in the USA but globally! JK Rowling did it and so can you! Come see what it takes to make you a household name! Click Here For Details

  • Hands Free Fiction Profits

    We reveal how to outsource fiction inexpensively and effectively. We walk through an entire strategy for fiction outsourcing and provide a step-by-step case study with our own fiction book. Click Here For Details

  • Mastering Evernote For Pubslishers

    If you want to learn how prolific writers & content creators GET STUFF DONE this is for you! Deb and Amy’s newest training- Mastering Evernote for Publishers will be discover just how simple it is!  Click here for details

  • Fiction Bootcamp

    Utilizing the techniques that Hollywood storycrafters use, we will show you how to quickly write a novel that is popular and easily saleable! Click Here For Details

Book Marketing

  • $5 Book Promotion

    Takes the guessing game out of how to promote your Kindle Books on and off Amazon. Step by step breakdown on what exactly to do and how to automate the process. Click Here For Details

  • Mastering Google Plus For Content Promotion

    Mastering Google Plus reveals strategies, tips, and step-by-step instructions to promote your content with Google Plus. This is the perfect guide for: Publishers, Authors, Bloggers and Content Marketers! Click Here For Details

  • Fast App Promotion

    Promote you Kindle books and other products (affiliate products, offline clients) on Mobile Apps Click Here For Details

  • Book Trailer Treasure Map

    Don’t miss this great promotional tool for Kindle Books. Book Trailers bring your product to life and earn you more sales! Click Here For Details

  • Power Promotion

    How to market your products, services, books, blogs, etc on Internet Radio Shows and Podcasts Click Here For Details

  • FB Fiction

    FB Fiction allows any fiction publisher to get a jumpstart on their promotion. This method is the quickest I’ve seen so far that allows you to immediately get your books in front of targeted fans. Buy

  • Make More Sales With Kindle

    Discover the ‘Secret Sauce’ that other Kindle authors use to make more sales and build their reader base! Click Here For Details

More Publishing Training

  • Publishing Profit Multiplier

    How to publish books to multiple platforms – ibookstore, google books, nook, kindle Click Here For Details

  • Become an Ipublisher

    Shows you how to use the iAuthor App to publish books to the Apple Ibookstore. Click Here For Details

List Building & Product Creation

  • Video Course Mastery

    Video Course Mastery is a 4 week video course creation boot camp that reveals how to easily repurpose content and create video-based e-learning courses for Udemy and other venues Click Here For Details

  • Recycled Riches

    Recycled Riches is product creation and marketing rolled into one. 17+ Experts show you how to take one piece of content and turn it into 21 (and even more) new pieces of content without much more work. This means more traffic, more sales, more exposure! Click Here For Details

  • Passive Income Books

    You will learn everything you need to know about creating books that are designed to make you even more money than any Amazon royalties can ever give you. This income will be passive and long lasting. Click Here For Details


  • WP Page Boss

    Have you ever tried searching for a page or post  inside of WordPress and couldn’t find it, but you know you created? This plugin allows you to see ALL of your pages or posts at a glance AND add descriptions to remind you of what each page or post  is.  Click Here For Details

  • 5 Minute ECovers

    Are you wanting a piece of the digital pie? Creating a beautiful cover for your eBooks has never been so easy! Come see how to get your eBooks to sell! Click Here For Details

  • Content Transformer

    Transform one piece of old content and turn it into several pieces of new content automatically. Gain more exposure, traffic, fans and sales with this cutting edge tool. Click Here For Details

  • 5 Minute FB Graphics

    Create AMAZING Facebook covers, ads and coupons in a matter of minutes with our powerful new Graphics App! It’s so simple even a newbie could use it and look like a pro! Click Here For Details

General Training

  • PS Instant Expert

    Become an instant expert with Photoshop and know how to produce amazing designs in no-time! Click Here For Details

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