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That’s Right...

Now You Can Find Ready,
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Puzzles, Coloring Books, Card Decks
and Other Products,In Virtually Any Niche…

...And With Just a Few Mouse Clicks!

Hi there, it’s Amy Harrop and Deb Drum comin’ at ya’ yet again!

You may know that we’re absolutely crazy about publishing and marketing low-content products.  

And surely by now, you’ve heard tons of success stories, of people raking in steady profits and royalties each month with easy-to-create products that require very little original content.

Products like:

  • Journals
  • Puzzles
  • Coloring Books
  • Planners
  • Card Decks
  • Writing Prompts
  • Art Journals
  • ...and others!

In fact, low-content published products like these represent one of the fastest-growing segments of Amazon’s physical book/content sales!

So now that you know this, the question…  

Why aren’t YOU claiming your share of a rapidly-growing and highly-profitable publishing sector?  

Then again... maybe you’re one of the growing number of publishers who are creating and marketing
low-content products...  

...but just aren’t getting the sales you were hoping for!  

And if that’s the case, it’s probably because you’re not penetrating or reaching your target audiences.

Well... We’re Here To Fix That!

Rest assured of one thing…  

There is a virtually-unlimited, ever-growing pool of buyers who are looking for quality low-content products.

All you have to do is effectively tap into those buyers!  

And now, you’ll always know exactly where you can find them!

Because now you can instantly tap into hundreds
to THOUSANDS of targeted buyers…

… and with just with a few mouse clicks!

Want just a few examples of where these targeted, hungry buyers for your low-content products can be found?
Check this out...  

Here’s a Facebook group, with 2000+ members who love coloring books...And you can promote your book there for free!

Here’s a Reddit community of over 10,000+ members who love all things tarot and oracle card decks, and you can promote your deck weekly - FREE!

Here’s a Google+ Community with 1500+ members who are into journaling, and you can promote your journals – FREE!

And this just barely scratches the surface!  

These are just a tiny few of LITERALLY THOUSANDS of niche-centric communities where you can advertise your products to highly-targeted buyers – absolutely FREE!  

 It Really Is That Easy!  


Low Content Audience Finder

The easy-to-use dashboard software tool will help you find groups and communities that cater to your targeted niches for the low content products you create.

With just a few simple clicks, you can get your product in front of countless targeted buyers – ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Watch this brief video to see Audience Finder in action!

Audience Finder also comes with complete training!

Just follow the step-by-step guide to start making easy sales – TODAY!  

With our complete step-by-step training, we reveal:

  • Why low content books are the perfect business model for today’s publishing landscape.
  • Why low content books are much easier to sell than ebooks… as long as you use the right strategies!
  • The secrets to effectively selling low content books the right way, with NO guesswork!
  • How to effectively reach countless targeted buyers in any niche/sub-niche - for ZERO cost!
  • How to tap into social media content for optimized promotion!
  • How to build an army of dedicated fans promoting your books, card decks and other products!
  • How to find and tap into influencers in your niche, who will help promote your products – FREE!
  • Proven marketing strategies to multiply your targeted audiences 
  • And much, MUCH more!

Here’s what you get:

  • Audience Finder software – With this proven app, you’ll easily find targeted buyers ON DEMAND, with just a few clicks.

    (NOTE: App is for Windows, but will work fine on Mac/Linux with Wine or Parallels!)  
  • Complete, step-by-step 60+ PDF that provides full training and a proven blueprint to easily promote your low content products to hungry audiences for ZERO COST! 

Make No Mistake...These Techniques Work!

Check These Out

Finding targeted and hungry buyers for your coloring books, journals, planners, card decks

and other low-content products will never be a problem again!  

With Audience Finder, it’s easier than ever to rake in sales in any niche or sub-niche you want to tap, then simply rinse and do it again and again!

Testimonials For Our Training Products

Plus, You Get These Awesome Bonuses That Will Help Build Your Low Content Publishing Empire Even Faster!

$27 Value!

Reddit Marketing Guides

    • Discover the fastest and easiest way to get massive traffic from Reddit.
    • Learn how to seduce your visitors to read your post, share your posts, as well as become strong followers the ethical way.
    • Learn how to maximize the engagement rate from the visitors you receive from Reddit. 
    • Find tips and tricks you must use to motivate your visitors to share your post to their friends on social networking sites.

How to Write Awesome
Book Descriptions With Ease!

    • Discover what it takes to instantly tap into a
      buyer's emotions so they are compelled to want more.
    • How to use your book description to give readers "ownership" before they've even made the decision to buy. 
    • How to leverage the power of features and benefits to drive more sales. 
    • Why--and how--to include a powerful call to
      action in every book description.

$27 Value!

Not excited about the possibilities yet??

Then check your pulse! :)

 Act now, and you’ll get this powerful software app and complete training, PLUS the
valuable bonuses.

Audience Finder

 Order Now!

If you’ve ever purchased any of our trainings, then you already know what we’re all about…

  • NO Fluff
  • NO Theory
  • NO BS!

Take advantage of this proven software and blueprint, and find yourself on the fast-track to profits - starting TODAY!

With this awesome package, you will:

  • Save hours of time and tons of money!
  • Find hungry buyers - with ZERO guesswork and/or risk!
  • Get all the software, training and tools that you need to succeed!

Check Out Audience Finder
With Absolutely ZERO Risk!

That’s right, try it for a full seven (7) days. If you’re not completely ecstatic with the software and training, or just decide that it’s not for you for any reason whatsoever... no problem.

Just submit a support ticket and get a full 100% refund – NO questions asked!

Some Commonly Asked Questions:

  • How Does Audience Finder Help Me Make More Book Sales?

This is a specialized Windows software tool that instantly connects you with hundreds of sources of curated and categorized low content audiences who want to buy your books and products.  

You can then instantly access any of these audiences, groups and communities with a couple of clicks. The software will be updated regularly to connect you with new sources, and you can even submit any sources that you find on your own to be added!

NOTE: Will also run on Mac or Linux using Parallels or Wine. Training on how to setup the app with Wine is included - it’s just a few extra steps!  

NOTE #2: Although this is desktop software, you’ll need an internet connection to fully utilize it!   

Watch the demo video above on this page for details!

  • What audiences can I access with Audience Finder?

Currently, our app covers audiences for:

  • Adult Coloring Books
  • Puzzles
  • Journals
  • Card Decks
  • Planners

In a wide variety of niches and sub-niches!

We’ll be continuously seeking out new low content audiences, and will include them in future updates!

 Get Audience Finder And The Valuable

Order Now!

Audience Finder

Look, We’ve Already Done Most Of The Work For You...

Just Follow The Easy Steps And Profit Big Time!

This complete package is easily worth $97 or more.

Act NOW, and you’ll get this value-packed software and training and awesome bonus package - for a ridiculously low price!

Audience Finder

To Your Success,
Amy Harrop & Debbie Drum

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Once we hit our quota for this introductory price, this deal will be gone!  

So do yourself a favor and check this out, you can thank us later! :)

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