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Dear Authors & Publishers, 

Book Publishing can be really fun and profitable, but there are A LOT of steps that go into publishing a non-fiction, fiction, and even a children's book. This process can take weeks, months and even YEARS!

Some first-time authors never get to even push that PUBLISH button because of the time-consuming work and effort. 

But did you know there are some books that you can publish that don't need much content at all (we in the biz call them Zero Content Books)? 

Zero Content Books are essentially print books that require little to no content - a good example of these are Journals, Diaries, Planners, Workbooks, Quote Books and even short coffee table picture books.

Many of these books are for buyers to fill with their OWN CONTENT!

Now, you can finally win at self-publishing without spending months or even years struggling to publish your book.

If You Aren't Publishing These Books
You're Leaving Money On the Table


Because the popularity and the demand for print books is growing rapidly.

According to the experts at the 2016 Book Expo America, 60% of readers prefer print books over digital, and the demand for print books is growing at a rate of 85%!

It's time to ramp up your publishing the fast and easy way with books buyers want!

Journals Are Hot Sellers On Amazon
Take A Look At These Examples


Loss of A Pet Journal Example


Self Help Journal Example

Bible Study Journal Example

These Simple Books Are Selling Like Hot Cakes

To create a journal style book, all you need to do is: 

Step 1: Decide Your Topic

The ideas are limitless! You can make a goal oriented journal, you can make a to-do list type journal - you can be as creative as you like (they are fun!) 

Step 2: Create Multiple Pages of Varying or The Same Text

Your journal can be filled with the SAME CONTENT on every page - it might even feel like a crime selling these books (but it's not of course). 

Doing this manually could take you roughly 30-45 minutes...and not to mention it's a bit boring and tedious. 

Step 3: Add a Border Plus an Optional Image To Each Page

Here's what the final version might look like: 

It's So Easy - But Is There A Way To Do This Even Faster? Like In Just 3 Minutes? 

Imagine Cranking Out 10 Journals In 30 Minutes?  It's Very Possible With...

3 Minute Journals is the easiest way to create journals fast.

Press Play To Watch Me Create This 62 Page Journal in Just 3 Minutes 

3 Minute Journal Feature Overview

The Software Package Includes

  •  The 3 Minute Journals Software tool: create print-ready journals in as little as 3 Minutes all in a variety of the most popular sizes.
  • Complete training on how to include compelling artwork elements like borders and images (Print-Ready for Createspace!)
  • How to prepare your journal for print and get it published fast.
  • The best-selling journal topics- plus examples.
  • The fastest and easiest ways to promote your journal.
  • And much more! 

Folks Love 3-Minute Journals!  


Q: Is this for Macs or PCs? 

A: Both. It's a light-weight java program 

Q: What are the computer requirements?

A: Your PC or Mac must be able to run Java 1.8  or newer to work. If you are using an older operating system, make sure you check your Java system requirements first.

Q:What's the output file?

A: The output file is a .docx (it arrives in compatible mode to work with all versions of word). 

Q: Does this work with Open Office

A: Since Open Office opens .docx files, then yes.  

Q: Is there training on how to use this?

A: Absolutely - we provide training inside that shows you how tool works and how to put everything together once you are working in Word. 

Q: Why did you build it to work with Word?

A: Because it's the easiest way to put these journals together! 

Q: Could I get this even if I never published before?

A: 100% - Journals are actually the easiest way to get your feet wet in the book publishing world. There's very little risk and TONS of reward.  

Q: Can my journals be color or Black and White? 

A: Either one. Of course, printing costs will be lower for B&W but printing full-color on Createspace is not costly at all. 

Q: How is the content delivered?

A: You will receive the software and training inside our secure member's area, and you will have the ability to access 3 Minute Journals at your own pace.

Q: What can I do with 3 Minute Journals?

A: You can create and publish journals for your personal use where you can sell your own journals on Createspace (or other print publishing platforms).

Q: Can I publish journals for other authors as a service?

A: No! 3 Minute Journals includes personal commerical publishing rights only, and may not be used to develop or publish journals a service for other authors or publishers to resell for themselves. We do offer the option for a developer's license after purchase, where you can offer this service, and create journals for other authors and publishers to sell. With the personal rights license, you can publish your own journals to any publishing platform you wish, and keep all the royalties. :)

Q: Can I give this to an outsourcer?

A: Yes, you can give to your outsourcer so they can help you create and publish.

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Here's Why You Need To Start Using 3 Minute Journals Today 

  • Crank Out Journals FAST - Making your journals manually takes a lot longer. With 3 Minute Journals, you can be a journal creating machine. 
  • Start Making Royalties - Your journals could quite possibly be your first source of online income. The more you have, the more money you are likely to make! 
  • Tap Into The Growing demand for print books- The majority of readers want print books, and with 3 Minute Journals you can easily give them what they want.
  • Get More For Your Time - When you take a manual process and automate it, you are essentially getting way more out of your time and your earning potential goes UP! 
  • Profit from A Proven Popular Niche- We have taken out all of the guesswork and are giving you an easy way to publish in an in-demand and hot niche!

Amy Harrop & Debbie Drum


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