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We're excited to share with you our low and no cost publishing strategies that connect you with fans and buyers.  This is not complicated at all and probably the easiest ways to get a book out really fast, and you can do it too with our guidance!!

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This is a huge opportunity to target the millions of people who are interested in a wide variety of niche topics and subjects, and want more information, training, how to, visual inspiration, and even a nostalgia experience, from the past.

Introducing Vintage Publishing Profits

You Will Discover...

  • How to get a book out to raving fans without having to write it yourself
  • How to find content you can use for your products, including free to use and public domain content, and how you can add and create new content to make brand-new products
  • How to locate and tap into a number of popular niche topics and how to find targeted people who are passionately interested in these topics
  • The best methods and ways to publish your content
  • The inspirations and triggers to why people buy these books
  • How to determine whether publishing content in a niche is profitable before you publish?
  • How to know if a potential audience spends money or if they are just the ultimate freebie seekers
  • Is the niche scalable enough to leverage and to get more out of your efforts
  • How to determine whether publishing content in a niche is profitable?
  • Why you will want all your books in this specific format - Don’t get this part wrong or you will be losing out on a lot of royalties!
  • One site that is a superstore of cheap public domain goodies for your content
  • How to Insure your product’s success, before you publish
  • Discover how to profit from popular culture by giving fans more of what they want
  • Use this crystal ball technique to profit from what will be hot in the near future

Here's What's Included With Vintage Publishing Profits

5 Modules - Covering Everything You Need To Get Started and Flourish

Module 1: Why even Bother With This Niche (which we already told you here – tap into this huge opportunity now)

Module 2: Topic, Trends, and Niche Research

Module 3: Finding and Creating Content

Module 4: Publishing Your Content

Module 5: Promoting Your Content


Done For You #1 - Audience Research

List of groups and people who are interested in the specific Niches provided to you.


  • Facebook Groups
  • Forum Boards
  • Google Communities
  • Yahoo Groups

***includes what you are allowed and not allowed to post

Done For You #2 - Exactly Where to Get Free and Royalty Free Images To Use

List of Public Domain image resources so you don’t have to struggle finding image sites – you and / or your outsourcers can just get right to work

Done For You #3 - Vintage Niches That Are Hungry For Content With Rabid Buyers

We've got the niche research covered for you if you want to dive into publishing a book TODAY! If doing the research is not your forte, then just take it from us because we will point you in the right direction.

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Vintage Publishing Profits

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