Sneaky Way To Introduce Viral Traffic Into Your Business

I’m sure that you already know about high CTR (Click Through Rate) Facebook wall posts which drive lots off traffic to websites and I’m sure that you clicked a few of them yourself.

These posts are very effective and they just plain work!

You can't really browse Facebook these days without seeing one....they look like this:

Famous and successful internet marketers like Ryan Deiss wouldn't be doing this marketing if it didn't work!

These types of posts are used by big companies like Microsoft, Coca Cola and even Facebook itself and they really work since they receive a lot of clicks thanks to the huge image mainly...

What if I tell you that you can multiply this traffic with a lot, build likes for any website you would like and grow your email list completely automatic?

That’s right... this one single application called Viral FB can do all this job for you completely automatically!


Here's How It Works

Ordinarily an ad like this would lead to some kind of lead capture page where a person registers their name and email to get a free gift. It looks something like this (there are different variations of lead capture pages) - below is an example of a random squeeze page and not Ryan Deiss' Squeeze's just an example.

However, This Creates No Viral Effect

Since the visitor is either putting in their name and email or leaving the page, there is no viral effect at all. This is where Viral FB Comes in...

Viral FB forces the visitor to perform an action before they get the actual gift.

This action could be:

  • To Like Any Page before they receive the gift
  • To Share your post before they get the gift
  • To Register their Facebook Account before they get the gift
  • Or, even to do ALL 3 if you wanted them to

The Likegate, Sharegate and Lead Capture pages are optional and you can enable any or all of them if you would like. Depending on your need’s you can activate only some of them to save the user’s time when he wants to visit your posted URL.

The Visitor First Lands On A Capture Page Before They Are Rewarded With Your Gift

Only After The Visitor Performs Your Desired Action Do They Get The Gift

The target URL (of where you are sending the visitor) can be any URL that you define. If you enter a Facebook Page URL than the likes will land on your Facebook page, you can even select to point the likegate to your custom URL and the sweetest thing is that you can use other URL to build likes and leads to your own pages.

This Means You Don't Even Need To Own The Page and You Can Still Get Likes, Shares, And Collect Emails!

Viral FB is a Simple Web Based Interface and Nothing To Install - Start Using Right Away With No Hassles

See The Tool In Action

Here's What's Included

Web Based Viral FB Software

  • Get automatic free viral traffic
  • Easiest way to grow your email list (there's almost no work involved) - with the tricks we show you
  • Step by step how to use the software (video plus training pdf)

Additional Training

  • How to get likes to any page (even ones you don't own)
  • How to get optins to any page (even ones you don't own)
  • Tricks to getting your pages liked instead of people clicking away
  • Brand New: Audience insight training - dive deep into your target audience
  • Ad set up training

Folks Love Our Stuff!

"On another topic, I just wanted to thank you guys for sharing info about this service, and your experiences so far. Even today in the short google hangout I learned several things from you both which will shortcut my processes once I start getting my books uploaded. Woo Hoo!"

Thanks again,
Corinna Rogers

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