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New Ways To Generate Passive Income With Your Existing Books & Even New Books That Are Super Easy To Create

Dear Publisher,

As publishers, we know a way of making money with books is to:

Step #1:  Publish and Promote your book.

Step #2: Promote New Book, While Promoting Old Book, And Start A New Book.

And on, and on, and on...

For the majority of Kindle Publishers.......this is a constant cycle....always on the hunt to find new books to publish.

This Could Get Exhausting!

There are more effective ways to sell books...

Why not take the same books you've spent hours upon hours on and use that same content to make more money in different ways...

The New Kindle Success Plan
Just Look How Easy This Is.....

Here is how the BIG publishers make much more money per book:

 Step #1: Publish A Book.

 Step #2: Sell The Book.

 Step #3: Sell Even MORE Of That Book in different ways.

Here's how it's done:

Step 1 - Take an easy book to create - 2000 word picture book

Step 2 - With minimal work - turn it into the same book in a different language!

And that's it - now you have a completely new book in a completely new market with completely new buyers! Multiply your book sales the easy way!

Non-English Speaking People Need Books TOO!

If you aren't sharing  content with people ALL OVER THE WORLD than not only are you leaving potentially thousands of dollars per month in Kindle revenue on the table!

Countries like:

Germany -- France -- Italy -- Denmark -- Spain -- and more...


Think about it......people want to be entertained all around the world. There are also problems to be solved all around the world. The same issues exist everywhere.

  • People want to lose weight everywhere
  • People want to look beautiful everywhere
  • People have relationship problems everywhere
  • People have kids they need to entertain and teach everywhere
  • People want to have fun and relax everywhere
  • People want to live healthy lives everywhere
  • People who have embarrassing problems everywhere

Are you getting the point?

Imagine being able to potentially double your profits by simply offering your existing content to readers across the globe by TRANSLATING your existing work into their language!

This works for:

  • Non Fiction
  • Fiction
  • Children's Books
  • Cook books
  • And nearly any type of content!

Imagine How EASY It Could Be To Start Making NEW Sales In Just Days!

We’ve started leveraging the  world-wide publishing marketplace.

 And we are going to show you EXACTLY how you can do this too!

Introducing: Translation Publishing Treasures

FINALLY: Two Experienced Kindle Publishers REVEAL ALL In A Behind The Scenes Look At Turning  Nearly Any Content into New Sales

Tap into  MORE profit by utilizing the HUGE opportunity that exists for international sales... Then you better get ready for some life-changing training! This works with new or old content.

We have put together a fantastic product that will take you through the process - from idea conception - in our step-by-step training guide titled: Translation Publishing Treasures!

You'll Discover...

  • How to almost IMMEDIATELY increase royalties on existing content WITHOUT having to do gobs of extra marketing...
  • The precise book creation strategies that will allow you to maximize profit while minimizing effort and costs needed to make more sales...
  • How to instantly find and select in-demand niches that are PROVEN sellers in other language markets so that you can quickly identify winners without wasting time or energy on dud books...
  • The EXACT types of content you should NOT create for the international markets - Stay far away!!
  • Ways to instantly expand your pen name reputation without much additional work - You'll be shocked how easy this is!
  • How to do all of this for just pennies on the dollar through a completely outsourced solution...
  • Our unique hybrid method of creating foreign books - this is a different strategy that you won't find anywhere....and guess what - it uses a free tool that everyone has access to!!
  • And much, much, more...

You might just want to jump into foreign markets that have no competition and high demand! You don't need an English version of a book to get started! We'll show you how you can save a bunch of time just publishing directly into your language of choice!

If You Want To Make More Money Per Book... Here Is Your Ticket To The Fast Lane

Have you ever heard the saying, "Money loves speed?"

Well, it's true...and we say it ALL THE TIME....

The fastest way to increase sales on your Kindle books, is to simply offer them in OTHER LANGUAGES!

You see, there may be a whole host of individuals who have heard about, seen, or even potentially tried to buy your books from Kindle... But were DENIED!

Because of the system that Kindle has in place, some countries aren't even ALLOWED to purchase from the English-based Kindle stores... They HAVE to purchase from the store of their native language...

In other words, if your book hasn't been translated... THEY CAN'T BUY IT!

And This Is SUCH An Easy Fix!

Listen, we completely understand if you're feeling a little overwhelmed at the start of having your books translated...

We remember asking the following questions ourselves:

"How do I know if my book has been properly translated?"

"How much is it going to cost?"

"Are there cheap alternatives to translating my existing content without sacrificing quality?"

Not only are you going to find the answers to those questions nestled snugly within the pages of Translation Publishing Treasures, but you are also going to learn:

  • The Absolute Must-Haves For Foreign Book Creation (And you probably have it already and just don't know it yet)
  • Secret Foreign Book Creation Strategies That Are Guaranteed To Have You Coming Up With Great Ideas That You Can Easily Implement And Complete
  • Our Hybrid Method For Creating And Selling Books Overseas (this is a kick butt strategy that will save your outsourcing bill)
  • Our Proven Crew Of Outsourcers, Talent, And Worker Bees...
  • And Much, Much, More...

This Is So Easy When You Have An Exact Roadmap to Follow - Get Yours Here

Translation Publishing Treasures

Receive These Amazing Bonuses


Bonus #1: Behind The Scenes Translation Publishing Case Study

Watch how easy it was for us to quickly create and sell a 2200 word book... and look over our shoulder as we:

  • Show you HOW... and WHERE... to get your book written, translated, proofread and promoted for just pennies on the dollar!
  • Reveal our FAVORITE niche for writing and publishing using our Translation Publishing methods...
  • Expose EVERYTHING! You get to see the book title, the book cover, the services we used, and even our top secret publishing outsourcer who publishes our book to over 38,000 different retailers in just 48 hours!

Bonus #2: Exclusive Money Saving Bonus Chapter

We have published THOUSANDS of pages worth of content over the years and WITHOUT FAIL the biggest headache, time-suck, and potentially dangerous part about this business is...

Getting good images that compliment your content.

User rights, quality, and availability all combine to create the perfect trifecta of potential publishing headaches for writers and publishers like you... UNLESS you can fast forward through years of experience and grab hold of our image resources...

Which is EXACTLY what you get with the Bonus Chapter we are adding to Translation Publishing Treasures!

You get:

  • The exact niche we write in that lets us publish 2,000 word books WITHOUT Kindle giving us the cold shoulder... HINT: It's because we know HOW to use images to make those words count!
  • Our compiled list of high quality resources (that we use everyday) that you can use to quickly find the images that are going to HELP SELL your books... and won't cost you your firstborn child to obtain...
  • and more...

If you have ever found yourself cursing to the computer trying to find the perfect image for your books... then you are going to LOVE this Exclusive Bonus Chapter in Translation Publishing Treasures!

Bonus #3: Tim Castleman's Kindle Outsourcing Roladex

Get started right NOW with Translation Publishing Treasures and you'll get full access FOR LIFE!

Let's Add It All Up -

- Translation Publishing Treasures FULL Training          $77 Value

- 'Behind The Scenes' PLUS BONUS Training                          $37 Value

TOTAL VALUE                                                                     $114 Value

But don't worry - obviously you're not going to spend anything near $114.

Let's Make This A Complete No Brainer...

- You're Not Going To Pay                                    $97

- Not Even A Very Fair                                          $77

- Not even...                                                           $47

- And Surprisingly Not Even                                   $27

Since this is the first that this type of training has ever hit the market we have decided to offer this ALL to you for JUST $17!

You get the training, you get the bonuses, and you get our unwavering support... for only $17

Your next step is easy – click the order link below. And do it now, because you won't get access to these amazing bonuses and this course at this price for long...

Well, after reaching this point, it seems to me you have three options.

•  OPTION #1: You can forget you ever saw this page and continue publishing the same traditional way without mixing up your game and increasing your exposure.

•  OPTION #2: You can try to trudge through the steep learning curve and figure it out on your own… with the possibility of making expensive mistakes and hope for the best. (Not really much different than Option #1, is it?)

•  OPTION #3: You can click the “BUY NOW” button below, start implementing the tips and techniques in Translation Publishing Treasures and immediately begin experiencing the even more ways to make money with new books and the books you already have!

I know you’ll choose the road that’s right for you.

Take Advantage of This Low Price

Translation Publishing Treasures

To your publishing success,

Deb & Amy

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