Do You Know The Formula For Bestseller Status?

Dear Publisher,

Are some or all of your books hiding in the deep crevices of Amazon's marketplace?

Are only the creepy crawlers of Amazon finding your books?

There's definitely a solution for that....

There are certain things you need to do to get your book noticed by customers and other authors that are in the same niche.

These "actions" are duplicatable and easy to follow - you just have to do them and of course, know what they are!

Still, Why Do So Many Authors Fail To Reach Best Seller Status?

It's simple.  There is no plan.  There is no checklist of what to do (and in what order).

Simply publishing a book does not mean your job is done and you can crack a cold one and sit back while the sales roll in.  That's not going to happen anymore. But you know that already right?

So if you know it, then you know that having steps in order, ie, DO THIS THEN THAT, you will experience success.

As long as you have a book where there are buyers in a niche, you can't fail.

The Truth Is That Best Seller Status Comes And Goes

That's right - even with the best marketing plan you could have the best book launch of your life but 3 months later, your book is chopped liver. That's ok and very normal - unless you continue to push your book forever and ever.

There's always going to be another book that comes around that is "NEW" and "Shiny" and will replace your best seller. However, your initial best seller status is what can catapult your author status and your career like you never dreamed of before. That is the whole point of this.  Books don't stay on the charts forever. It's like popular songs....a song might be popular for a week and be number one on the charts - but then the next week Beyonce comes out with a new song and blows all the other songs out of the water....

But still nobody forgets the song that topped the chart....and nobody forgets the books that topped the charts either.

This is Why You Need Best Seller Status and You Need To Know How To Get It Every Time You Publish A Book


We wanted to design something simple enough to go through, check off and lead the path for anyone who wants to be a best selling author. We also wanted to include how ordinary and extraordinary marketers made their way up the charts as well.

We thought of the idea of Author Stardom - because that's what authors want. As we said above, it's no secret that best seller status is there one day and gone the next.  But author stardom doesn't disappear. You can't have a numbered rank for reputation and the glory that comes from that reputation!

That's why we made this for you!

Here's What's Included

#1: Fast Path To Author Stardom Report By Amy & Deb

Fast Path To Author Stardom – Planning Guide

  • How to effectively plan, write and promote a best selling book on Amazon
  • 7 Step plan to publishing an Amazon Best Seller- From Research To Publishing

Fast Path To Author Stardom - Best Selling Promotional Strategies

  • Do’s and Don’ts to promote your book the right way, from start to finish
  • Complete list of 21 promotional strategies that are highly effective

Fast Path To Author Stardom - Planning Calendar

  • Weekly calendar to researching, writing, and publishing your book
  • Know what to do the right order..NOTHING left out

Fast Path To Author Stardom - Checklist

  • Step by step checklist for each stage of the planning, publishing and promotion process

Fast Path To Author Stardom - Research to Promotion Worksheet

  • Non fiction and fiction worksheet to guide you through the entire process from start to finish

Fast Path To Author Stardom - Amazon Resources Cheat Sheet

  • A can’t miss list of many little known Amazon publishing resources specifically for Authors

#2: DIY Best Seller Training From Best Selling Author, Brad Gosse

On April 20th, 2012, Brad Gosse launched his Book, The Chronic Marketer and and reached number 1 in multiple categories as well as hitting the TOP 40 OVERALL on Amazon.

We were able to get our hands on how he did this exactly. These methods still work today and we are revealing it all to you here!

#3: Interview With Best Selling Author Bryan Bowers

Believe it or not, the recipe niche is still very hot.  Our friend, Bryan Bowers is a 2 time best selling author in the recipe niche and he tells all in this interview with Debbie.

Here's What We Discussed:

  • What are Bryan’s best selling titles? – Yes Bryan reveals his Best Selling Titles!! (Bonus inside)
  • Exactly what to do when you get negative reviews
  • Insight as to what the best selling process looks like
  • Is KDP Select the right way to go?
  • How to get the best out of your outsourcers – Do this everytime and you will have great finished work
  • Finding the right book topic for you – Yes YOU!
  • The marketing behind a true best seller
  • How much time does the best selling process take?
  • What should every best selling book have
  • And much more great advice from two experienced Kindle Publishers

Since this is an audio interview, we challenge you to immediately put this on your Ipod, MP3 Player, Iphone…..whatever kind of player that you have and GO TAKE A WALK while you listen to this!

In most parts of the country US and the UK too, it is beautiful weather so you should take an hour out of your day and learn and get fit at the same time! If it isn’t nice weather where you live, first of all, I am sorry to hear that and second, you can still get out and take a nice walk or bring it to the gym and listen on a treadmill. The point is to get active and learn.  That’s what we do all the time!

These Strategies Are Easy To Replicate!

Having a best selling book and being a star in your niche seems like a HIGE GOAL but it doesn’t mean it’s complicated or difficult to accomplish – just that there is a bit of a learning curve and some exact steps you need to take in order to see it through.

This Is A Great Opportunity To Take The Guessing Game Out Of Best Seller Status

This in-depth PDF and video training will give you all the information you need to put get you on the path to author stardom today. In no time at all, you’ll be reaping the benefits of being a best selling author, and leaving your competition in the dust.

Not only will you reach a larger audience, but you’ll establish a stronger search presence as well, and for anyone who does sells content online, that’s absolutely critical to success.

Your Next Step

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  • OPTION #2: You can try to trudge through the steep learning curve and figure it out on your own… with the possibility of making expensive mistakes and hope for the best. (Not really much different than Option #1, is it?)
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Recap Of What You Are Getting

  • Fast Path To Author Stardom Training- with checklists and planners included to ensure greater success
  • Brad Gosse's methods and strategies on how he became a best selling author and exactly what he did to get there
  • Deb's interview with 2x Best Selling Author, Bryan Bowers - in the very profitable Cooking Niche - See how Bryan did it!
  • And other awesome tid bits that Deb & Amy always bring to you 🙂

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