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From: Debbie Drum & Amy Harrop
RE: How To Get My Books Distributed To 38,000 Locations with Speedy Distribution

Dear Publisher,

If you are part of Speedy Distribution – You know there is a slight learning curve to get started. Since we are members of Speedy Publishing and Distribution, we've been through all the training and condensed it and systematized it so that we can get out books formatted and published  very quickly to be massively distributed to 38,000 locations!

We want you to be able to do that too!

Here's What You Will Get With Our Speed Boat Training:

  • Condensed and exact training broken down to what you need to do to publish your books to 38,000 locations
  • The Hybrid Outsourcing Model - Don't waste money outsourcing everything (there's a better way)
  • The Low Down on File Formatting
  • Print Books - why you need them and what you need to do
  • Distribution The Right Way
  • KDP Select Information and How Speedy Works With It
  • All our outsourcing videos - we give you all of the outsourcing videos that we've made for our outsourcers so that you don't have to reinvent the wheel (worth the price of admission alone)
  • And Much More from 2 publishing experts!

Get It All For This Low Fee

Deb & Amy's Speedy Distribution Speed Boat Training

PS - If you are not already a member of Speedy Distribution and you want to be - if you sign up under our link, then all of this training and more is included with your membership.

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Deb & Amy's Speedy Distribution Speed Boat Training