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Skip Hours of Hard Work and Repurpose Your Content in Minutes With Our Easy-to-Use Content Automation Tool to Help You Attract Hot New Prospects, Win Loyal Customers, and Grow Your Revenues FAST!

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Other Functions and How To
Make Money With This Tool

Introducing Recycled Riches Automator

  • Create brand new outlines and presentations that are video ready from nearly any type of written content
  • Easily and Automatically create Powerpoint and Impress docs for videos, reports, webinars & Google Hangouts
  • Create your next book or report outline in minutes - no more spending our sifting through documents
  • Delete unwanted text in your document with a click of a button
  • Import a Mindmap document and easily create an outline - again, with just a click of a button
  • Works for both Macs and PCs with unlimited downloads!! Use it anywhere you need it! And even give to your outsourcers!

What Used To Take Hours
Now Takes Only Minutes


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