• Make Money Over and Over Again from work DONE ONCE - Just like the Pros
  • Turn ONE PIECE OF CONTENT into 30 PLUS sources of income
  • Maximize Your Exposure While Actually Working Less - It is Very Possible and Easily Done
  • Automate Content Creation Like Never Before

Recycled Riches Package

Dear Marketer,

Are you struggling to gain more reach in your market?  Do you find yourself constantly creating or paying outsourcers to write more articles or more blog posts or even videos and Kindle books?

How’s your online presence? Are you everywhere like you should be? - Social Media, YouTube, Kindle, Internet Radio and Podcasts? And of course, Google Hangouts?

If you are familiar with internet marketing, you know that to market ANYTHING online, you always need fresh, unique and quality content.....and you need to be EVERYWHERE to really get in front of your market and where they are “hanging out” online.

The problem is the content....you can only do so much!

Here’s The Best Strategy & System We’ve Found To Get Maximum Exposure To Make More Income

One of the best ways to get found by targeted buyers is to have your content in a wide variety of places on the web. The more content and links you have “out there,” the more traffic and clicks you will get to whatever you are marketing. It makes perfect sense, since buyers are everywhere!

Our names are Amy Harrop and Deborah Drum, and we have been spending the last year and a half growing and building our business by strategically and steadily placing our content in strategic virtual real estate around the web to get found by people who are interested in the niches we sell in.

Guess What?  The Most Successful Marketers Are Using These Strategies Too!!

Do you recognize any of these people?  I am sure you do.  They are each making a full time income online (and then some) and it is definitely not a fluke!

Each marketer above has mastered the method of repurposing content.  They know that utilization and capitalizing on work they’ve done JUST ONCE AND ONLY ONCE can continue to work over and over for them to profit continuously.

There is actually a systematic way that you can use the same content that you created JUST ONCE and turn it into 21 PLUS different forms of content that work for you day and night and make you money and give you the endless traffic that you need to make a living online!

What Do All Of These Experts Have In Common?

They are all masters at turning out content.  They’ve ‘figured it out’ when it comes to producing something new out of something existing or old!! Sound crazy? It is not and it is very possible!

We have brought these experts in at an amazing offer for you.

Introducing Recycled Riches
Maximizing One Piece Of Content To The Fullest Extent!


What Is Recycled Riches?

First off, this is NOT an interview product!!  It is much more powerful and completely different!!

We’ve put together over 30 ways to repurpose content from ultimate Expert Marketers who are all making a full-time living online. These experts will be unleashing their best strategies of repurposing content. Taking one piece of content and having it work for you over and over again.

One thing every marketer needs is good content.  But it’s much easier when you take work you’ve done once to make it work for you over and over. It’s also much better for your business if you don’t spend an arm and a leg for the content to build your business.

Meet Our Contributing Experts

Nicole Dean, Teresa Miller, Dennis Becker, Rachel Rofe, Sean Kaye, Caleb Spilchen, Sue Worthington, Eleanor Marks Prior, Barbara Ling, Sharyn Sheldon, Dvorah Lansky, Daniel Hall, Kate Lucella, Connie Ragen Green, Mike Stewart, Amy Harrop, Debbie Drum, Mark Thompson, Tony Laidig, Kristin Eckstein, Kelly McCausey, Bob Jenkins, Cathy Demers, Melissa Ingold. and MORE!!

We also include an overview of each contribution so that you can refer back to it for quick access and a quick reminder whenever you need it!Some contributed by written word (pdf), some contributed by video, and some audio.  They are all downloadable for your viewing pleasure!

Here's What's Also Included:

The Recycled Riches Automator Tool

  • Create brand new outlines and presentations that are video ready from nearly any type of written content
  • Easily and Automatically create Powerpoint and Impress docs for videos, reports, webinars & Google Hangouts
  • Create your next book or report outline in minutes - no more spending our sifting through documents
  • Delete unwanted text in your document with a click of a button
  • Import a Mindmap document and easily create an outline - again, with just a click of a button
  • Works for both Macs and PCs with unlimited downloads!! Use it anywhere you need it! And even give to your outsourcers!

Watch The Demo Below

Recycled Riches Package

In Addition, We Are Adding 12 New Experts For The Next 12 Months

Here's A Recap Of What You Are Getting

21 Ways To Repurpose Content

Repurposing content is definitely a skill that can be learned and duplicated and that is why we created Recycled Riches.

We got together a few of the most successful content marketers in one place and they each show their best method for how they repurpose content which leads them to a very successful full time income online.

We are extremely impressed with each contribution and it is laid out so that it is easy to understand and more importantly, take action on immediately.

Recycled Riches Automator Tool

12 Additional Repurposing Experts

For the next 12 months, receive 1 additional expert who will share his/her way of repurposing content.  You will immediately get 21 ways when you purchase, but we want to keep you up to date with the latest information so that is why we are sending you the next 12 over time.  We have some awesome people lined up to inject the BEST content into Recycled Riches.

It's Time To Stop Wasting Your Content

We have chosen 30 PLUS different strategies you can put into practice immediately to repurpose content that you already have.

For instance, if you have ONE ebook, you can turn that ONE ebook into 32 different streams of content bringing you traffic, growing your subscriber list and making you money!

Amy and Deb are successfully using this strategy but we got to this point by getting advice from experts that are also successfully using these strategies to make tons of money online.....and we want to share that with you!!

See How The Experts Are Repurposing Content...
And Not Wasting A Word

Inside Recycled Riches, these true marketing experts, shown above, reveal their top ways to repurpose content and make it work for them, over and over again.

Content is the most valuable online currency, and we show you how to multiply yours over and over again!

P.S - Each one of these trainings has at least a  $27+ value to them!!  We are really impressed with the content the experts provided!

 You Will Receive A Wealth of Knowledge
At This Low Starting Price! 

Yes, Like All of Deb & Amy’s Products, This One Also Comes WIth A Guarantee

Recycled Riches Package

PS - This is an incredible deal!!  These are the exact strategies that you should be implementing in your business to gain the most exposure which leads to more profits!

PPS - We want to say a HUGE thank you for all of our contributors! Without your wonderful and amazing contribution, this would  be just another product - but it is so much more than that!  We truly appreciate you!

Take A Sneak Peak Inside

Recycled Riches Package