Knowing This "Simple" Skill Can Double, Triple, Or Even Quadruple Your Monthly Income

From: The Desk of Deb & Amy


Do you know that millions of people are reading digital content on electronic devices everyday? And that the number of people having access to both print and ebooks grows substantially each and every year?

Publishing a book, or a series of books, is one of the best ways to become an expert in your niche and drive traffic, leads and sales. Small business owners, consultants, salespeople, and service providers all over the world are looking to make more of an impact and reach their targeted audience.

And with ebook and print on demand publishing exploding, the reach of both digital and print books has never been greater. You can help ANYONE get more subscribers, fans and clients with our complete toolbox.

Your customers will be eager to pay you to help them publish their book. Once they have their book published, they have:

  • free exposure
  • free lead generation
  • an opportunity to make money from their book

People Will Pay Top Dollar For This Service

This is a valuable and in-demand service you can perform from the comfort of your own home.

You can start a complete business or add on service where you provide:

  • Book Content Creation
  • Book Formatting and Publishing
  • Additional Book Marketing Services

It's Also Amazing Side Income!

Most People Have No Idea How To Even Begin To Publish A Book

Getting Just One Client Could Change Your Financial Status

But How Do You Get Clients?

This is often the million dollar question and we are hear to help. We have teamed up with Offline Expert, Brenda Trott to give all the insights on how to easily get clients and close the deal.

It doesn't matter if you're an established publisher or have no publishing experience. You can make money helping others publish, even those who have no clue how to publish a book. And it's all in here:


In Publishing Money Trees, we are going to show you everything about helping others publish books to grow their business and how to charge top dollar for this service. We will equip you with all you need.

Offline expert Brenda Trott will give you the goods on what to say in the presence of a potential client. She’ll show you how to EASILY get clients, without cold-calling or being a hypey salesperson. She walks you through the whole process, from getting your client, closing the deal, getting paid, and creating an ongoing income stream.

But That's Not All

You get a complete publishing system from A-Z. Not only do we reveal how to get clients, we provide you with everything you need to successfully publish their digital and print book.

What's Included

  • Getting Clients

    10+ different ways to get the clients. Exactly what to do and what to say to turn people into buyers who will pay thousands for your service.

  • Book Creation

    The many ways to create a book will be given to you so you never run out of ideas on fast book creation with little work on your part.

  • Formatting & Templates

    We give you the exact templates you need so your clients are impressed when their books look professionally made.

  • List of Outsourcers

    We give you a list of outsourcers for every aspect of book publishing. Never guess on who to use for what parts of the publishing process.

  • Making More Money

    How to get even more money from your existing clients.

  • Getting Paid

    We share how to effectively charge for your services and options for structuring your business agreements.

  • The Why

    Understanding why everyone should have a book is important. We include all of those reasons so you are sure and confident that you can comfortably explain why someone should have a book and the power behind it.

  • Pdfs and Videos

    As always, the product is fully equipped with pdfs and videos leaving nothing out.

The Best Part - We Are Giving You Your Own Book To Publish - It's Already Done For You!

Amazing Offer: Watch This

(Book is backwards in video - har har. Here's the sample down below!)

The Best Way To Convince Someone To Publish A Book Is To Have Your Own Book!

We Want To Speed Up This Tedious Process For You...

If you were to write a book, it takes time. You need to:

  • Get the content written
  • Get a proof reader and an editor
  • Make a professional cover (front and back design)
  • Think of a title and a compelling description

It Takes A Lot Of Time That You Don't Have

With the purchase of Publishing Money Trees we want to make it very easy for you to go out and find clients to work with….very quickly and start making money right away.

One way to convince someone to have a book is to have your own book...and that is just what we are giving you today. (see above).

This  book is already done for you, just add your name and contact information. Your book will work for you 24/7 selling your services! Your book educates your potential client on the many benefits of self-publishing to grow their business, and also reveals why they need a publishing professional-which is you.

All you need to do is put your name on this book and order copies so that you can hand the book out to your potential clients and customers. We give you complete setup instructions.

This will give you instant credibility above other people who are simply handing out business cards.

We Are Also Providing 10 Cover Templates To Choose From

Your Done For You Book Contains:

  • 7,633 Words (A 73 Page Print Book)
  • Very high quality content put together by 2 publishing experts (Deb & Amy)
  • Title Suggestions
  • 10 different cover templates to choose from (includes psds, fonts, and back cover) - Fully Customizable
  • Instructions on what to add to make your book personalized
  • You can't go wrong!

You Will Want To Get This At The Lowest Price It Will Ever Be

You will not want to wait on this. You can charge between $500 and $8000 (or more) to provide this service and publish a book for someone.  You can have a proof copy of your published book at your doorstep within 3-4 days!

That is extremely powerful.

The fact that we are going to show you everything from what to say, to how to get paid, and how to continue helping people for other stuff....this is a no brainer.

This introductory price is going to be closing in 10 days, and then it will be double or more. So you will want to jump on this right now without hesitating a second!

Very Limited Time

Publishing Money Trees

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PPS - Even if you have no current plans with working with anyone, this information is EVERGREEN and it will be good today and a year from now and beyond. You never know what can happen with your business and how you will expand. Get this in your hands right now!

Publishing Money Trees