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Make Passive Kindle Income Even If You Give Your Books Away For Free?

The Best Kindle Strategy For Long Term Book Profits

Dear Publisher,

We are so excited about teaching our passive income strategies with publishing. This is a very special occasion because we are going to be sharing everything you need to know about creating books that are designed to make you even more money than any Amazon royalties can ever give you. This income will be passive and long lasting. That's what makes this super exciting!

There's a Major Problem With The Traditional Way of Publishing Books

We found a huge problem with traditional books. Even if you can sell hundreds of copies of your book, you are still limited to the book royalties.  In order for you to make a healthy income from traditional publishing, you need more books, series, and a functioning model to get exposure for all your books. This is very limiting, so we had to rethink this and come up with a new model where it wasn't so limiting and even profitable even if we weren't making a lot of money from book royalties from Amazon.

Our model is even easier than the traditional model - Read On.....

But There's A Huge Problem.....

You Heard This A Million Times - The Money Is In The List

But how do you actually get that list, especially when it comes to book publishing? What are the you need to get that list? How do you make money from that list? There are so many questions and we are hear to solve them in......


Here's What's Inside:

Session 1 - Choosing the Right Niche For Passive Books

We will show exactly how to go about choosing the niches where there is potential to make a great recurring and lifetime income.

This is the most important part of the entire process and it is a quite different process for passive books. We will show you exactly what you need to look for to get started with your passive books.

  • Done-For-You Research included-We share the best platforms, programs, and niches to build your passive income strategies.

Session 2 - Funnel Talk

  • Funnel talk – how to choose the best free gift so that people enter in their emails at lightning speed – without hesitation
  • Other and all components of a great working funnel that converts perfect strangers into buyers


Session 3 - The Dos and Don'ts on Book Creation

  • The exact way to create passive income books quickly and easily
  • What not to do to KILL your fanbase and avoid negative reviews – THIS IS EXTREMELY VALUABLE
  • The easiest ways from A to Z with nothing left out


Session 4 - Promotion & Scaling

  • Get more bang for your books - we show you 10+ different methods on promoting your books - the strategies that are most effective!
  • How to get the word out about your book and how to scale so you can be making passive income in several different ways with one book


See What People Are Saying....

The keys to the kingdom

Deb and Amy throw open the doors of their business and show exactly how they make their money. For most business owners, this is exactly what you are not supposed to reveal.

This is a true master course. From targeting a niche, creating value and a relationship, and setting up a sales-generating funnel. This training covers everything.

If you want to create a genuine business that helps people and generates cash, start here.

Paul Coleman
Paul Coleman

Deb and Amy are among the most respected product creators in my eyes when it comes to book production and promotion.  Their techniques are innovative and practical.

Lina Triverdi
Lina Triverdi

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Here's How It Works

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However This Creates No Viral Effect

Since the visitor is either putting in their name and email or leaving the page, there is no viral effect at all. This is where Viral FB Comes in...

Viral FB forces the visitor to perform an action before they get the actual gift.

This action could be:

  • To Like Any Page before they receive the gift
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The Likegate, Sharegate and Lead Capture pages are optional and you can enable any or all of them if you would like. Depending on your need’s you can activate only some of them to save the user’s time when he wants to visit your posted URL.

With Viral FB, The Visitor First Lands On A Capture Page Before They Are Rewarded With Your Gift

Viral FB is a Simple Web Based Interface and Nothing To Install – Start Using Right Away With No Hassles

Play Demo

We have a 30 day money back guarantee.  This means that if you are not satisfied with the first session of the bootcamp, we will refund you no questions asked.

Passive Income Books Bootcamp

You could go out and learn everything yourself and spend months figuring out everything yourself, or you can speed through and get things right the first time!


What if my book isn’t written yet? Is this class for me?

Yes - you are actually in a good position if you don't have a book yet because then you can start on the right foot right from the beginning! (Many people don't and that is why they don't succeed).

Will this work for books that I already have?

Definitely! You are already ahead of the game if you have content written. You can add slight changes to your content and implement these strategies to make even more money per book above and beyond the kindle royalties.

What if I've never built a funnel before?

No worries at all. We have you covered. We will show you all the components you need to build your first funnel - that actually works and converts!!!

Will you show me specific examples so I can copy your success?

Absolutely!  We show you what is working for us right now and what has been working all along (and of course, what doesn't work).

Don't waste your time figuring stuff out because we cover everything in this bootcamp.

Take action!

Will these strategies work for both fiction and non fiction?

Yes - this can work for both.  For list building initiatives it works for both fiction and non fiction. For passive and lifetime income profits, it works better for non fiction.

Recap of What You Are Getting


Plus Viral FB Software


Passive Income Books Bootcamp

PS - You need to be incorporating Lead Generation Books into your marketing - you might as well learn it the right way from 2 experts!

PPS - Don't wait until this great offer expires!

To Your Success,

Deb & Amy