Are You Ignoring 75% Of The Kindle Market?

Dear Publisher,

Are you struggling to make a consistent income from Kindle and ebook publishing?

There is one niche that outsells all others, has rabid buyers, repeat buyers and has no chance of over-saturation!

This unstoppable niche is popular fiction....and if you aren’t publishing in this niche, you’re leaving money on the table.  Did you know that according to book data from, over 75% of ebooks sold are fiction? It has way more buyers, and repeat buyers, than non-fiction.

But what if you aren’t a writer?...

It Doesn’t Matter, You Can Still Profit from Fiction - Easily!

The absolute best “fact” about fiction readers is that they buy MULTIPLE books in their niche because they are always craving more to read. They just keep buying and buying….so YOU should be the one who is selling…’s only RIGHT.

Why Fight With Other Non-Fiction Publishers For Crumbs When You Can Feast On Fiction?

Don’t worry though, you don’t have to write the book yourself. The problem is writing fiction can be a daunting task. You need to research the niche, think of a plot people will like, write the book, edit the book and so on. But another major problem is that if you know how to publish books and you are NOT publishing fiction - you could potentially be losing out on A LOT of easy money.

You don’t have to write the book yourself if you don’t want to. There are plenty of able and ready individuals out there that will write you an excellent book that sells and will get great reviews.

We Want To Show You 3 Very Important Things To Be Successful With Fiction:

Look Inside Our Case Study and See How We Took Our Book From a Sales Rank From 52,050 to 8,771

These Strategies Are Easy To Replicate!

We’ll show you how to identify and tap into the most profitable niches. Then we’ll walk you through the whole outsourcing process. From finding and working with freelancers, going through the editing process, and getting your marketing funnel underway.

Simply, every element of The “Hands-Free Fiction Profits” system is there because we have proven it works. As always, we’ve eliminated the hype and fluff. Nobody has time for that!

We Want To Make It Super Easy For People To Overcome Any Roadblock of Publishing a Fiction Book


How Can Hands Free Fiction Profits Help You?

Amy and Deb just made it EVEN EASIER to publish quality fiction very fast….EVEN if you have no fiction writing ability whatsoever

Hands-Free Fiction Profits covers absolutely everything you need to know about how to publish Fiction – Fiction that will actually sell – with cheap and effective outsourcing techniques... Oh, and did we mention the  PROFIT POTENTIAL?

We make the system easy – easy to learn, easy to use, and all you have to do is follow a few simple steps to get started. That’s it!We've learned the hard way FOR you! We don’t want to see you to make the same mistakes we did so you can breeze through everything you need to do.

We show it all in a complete case study inside of Hands Free Fiction Profits.

Here's What's Included In Hands Free Fiction Profits

  • How To Outsource Fiction – and get a quality product – that WILL SELL!
  • Sell your fiction — cheaply and effectively
  • How to create a profit from your outsourcing costs quickly
  • How to research, identify and capitalize on the most profitable niches
  • DISCOVER: WHY Fiction over Non-Fiction!
  • How to promote your fiction product! Includes case studies of successful marketing launches!
  • How to scale up and expand. (THINK: Grow, Profit, Repeat. Grow, Profit, Repeat!)
  • You don’t have to be a fiction writer to publish fiction. PSST! You don’t have to be a writer… PERIOD!
  • The importance of ready-made plots and where to find them!
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Fiction outsourcing. Pay CLOSE ATTENTION! Keep this at your side at all times!
  • A complete guide to finding writers on freelance sites such as Elance, Odesk, and Fiverr

We also have a whole section in our case study on how to go about marketing fiction books on Facebook – how you can literally tap into markets very easily just with a few little techniques.  You can use this for ALL BOOKS – not just fiction!

You Need To Be Publishing Fiction Right Now and We'll Show You How To Do It Easier Than Ever!

Bonus #1: We've Included A Killer Bonus:
Interview With Paul Coleman

In this interview with Paul Coleman, we reveal

  • How you can transform your books that are not selling and have them rise up the ranks of Amazon with a few small tweaks
  • How you can latch on to best selling books and go for a sweet selling ride just by changing 2 things when you publish
  • See how you can make a KILLING with a short book and have readers begging for more
  • Take the guessing game out of what topic to publish in. Paul's strategies are secret and will only be available in this product!
  • And other publishing tid bits from Paul!

Bonus #2: Interview With Michelle Spiva

Michelle Spiva reveals exactly how to create characters that your readers will LOVE. Oftentimes, our readers want more from our characters and we have to know how to give it to them. You don't want to miss this interview because it is jam packed with great stuff to help you publish better fiction stories.

These Interviews ALONE Is Worth The Price of Admission!

"The only thing wrong with Amy and Deb products is their low prices. Hurry up and get it before they realize they aren't charging enough...and no..I didn't get a review copy I paid real dollars to leave this review!"

- Brenda Trott,

Limited Time Special Low Price

Hands Free Fiction Profits

You Don't Have To Figure It Out Yourself!

We've already taken the time and we've made all the mistakes so that you don't have to.

We even know the pitfalls that people make - and we tell you how to AVOID them. Like:

  •         They’re trying to write their books on their own.
  •         Pricing their books too high (or too low).
  •         Picking the wrong niche!
  •         Doing the outsourcing all wrong.
  •         They don’t know how to HIRE a writer - or worse - how to FIRE a writer!
  •         Marketing strategies are ALL WRONG!
  •         Losing money hand over fist because they’re “winging it.”

Here’s your chance to get ahead of those other guys and gals.

An obvious solution is to find others who have done this successfully. To find others who has blazed a trail in this area. And well, we’re those people!

You get to take advantage of our trials and errors, our mistakes, our learned lessons, our successes, our blood, sweat and tears… all that hard work! It’s all yours right here and right now! How incredible is that?

Here’s The Reason Why
We’re Providing All Of This
For You For Such A Tremendous Deal:

Look, the idea of publishing a book can be overwhelming. You might be worried about the outsourcing process. You might be worried about the overhead costs. You might be worried about all of the technical aspects.

Let us tell you, from experience… As with anything overwhelming – once you break it down into little pieces and chunks — it becomes easy. And that’s what we do for you! We’ve made it our mission to show you the EASIEST, BEST, and MOST PROFITABLE way to get the job done.

Hands Free Fiction Profits is another solid training product from Deb and Amy. I liked it particularly for the way it ties in perfectly with other  products that are currently available for writing fiction. It shows how to 
use hands free writing as a business model, aka a publishing business, as the starting point and then provides a clear pathway for proceeding. 

I'm well over 'golden nuggets' these days but  will say that you can expect to find some genuine Amy and Deb twists to  information that you may or may not already know... and of course, they are great teachers as well.

Carol Clifford

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Yes Deb and Amy - I am In and Want To
Take Advantage Of This Special Price Immediately!!

Hands Free Fiction Profits

Recap Of What You Are Getting

  • How to find a profitable fiction niche to publish to
  • How to get the book written fast and for the best price - no writing on your part!
  • How to get your book to climb up the ranks of Amazon for ultimate exposure
  • Complete case study showing the entire process
  • BONUS 1 - interview with Paul Coleman showing simple tweaks so you can latch on to other successful books so your book is successful too!
  • BONUS 2 - interview with Michelle Spiva on how to avoid soulless characters and develop characters your readers will love
  • And other awesome tid bits that Deb & Amy always bring to you 🙂

PS - This is an incredible deal!!  Take advantage of it now before the price increases!

PPS - Look, you can CHOOSE to take this step and get the “Hands-Free Fiction Profits” system right now. OR you can choose to do nothing. But if you choose no action, then nothing will change. You’ve read this far — We know that you have what it takes to change your future! We know YOU can do this! We know YOU can start selling Fiction books online and making incredible profits, but you have to take action, you have to start now! We’re so excited for you! Let’s go!

Hands Free Fiction Profits