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Discover How You Can Promote Your Content Faster and Easier With The  Power of Google+

Even If You're Using Google+ In Your Marketing Efforts, You're Very Likely Missing Out on These Powerful Promotional Tools

From: Debbie Drum & Amy Harrop
RE: How to Maximize Your Content and Marketing on Google+

Dear Publisher,

How much time are you wasting every single day chasing social media? Sure, it looks like work - you follow new people on Twitter, start conversations on Facebook, create enticing images for Pinterest, and make appealing comments on LinkedIn.

But that's just engagement. It's not building your brand.

In fact, we'd be surprised if you told us you were actually gaining content exposure and sales as a result of your social media efforts. Retaining business? Absolutely. But building it? Probably not.

Promoting your content effectively online these days takes more than just engagement. It takes true cooperation and collaboration between your content platform, your website, your social media accounts, and your SEO efforts.

And none of the "big three" (Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest) can offer you that. But there is one network that does.

I Simply Don't Have Time For Yet Another Social Network

We hear you. We said the same thing. The truth is, you can spend so much time managing Facebook pages, multiple Twitter accounts, and dozens of Pinterest boards that you barely have time to get actual work done.

Add another social media network to the mix? Who has the time?

That's why we hadn't paid as much attention as we should have to  Google+ since it came out. Our first thought was...

Isn't Google+ Just Another Facebook Wannabe?

It sure seemed that way in the beginning.  But, we've been using Google Plus to grow our business over the last year. By now, though, you should know that Google+ is not just some fly-by-night imposter. In fact, it's become a true contender for the top social media networks - especially for publishing content and getting more traffic to your content!

It's All Just SO Confusing

It certainly can seem that way!

Every social network has its own systems, requirements, and best practices, and it can be hard to know the culture and the expectations when you first arrive. It's a bit like landing in a foreign country without a guidebook.

Luckily, Google+ and all it entails isn't so far removed from what you're used to. Sure, they use different terminology - Circles instead of lists, Hangouts instead of webinars - but the basics remain the same: Make connections; be approachable; use the tools available to you.....Drive Traffic and Make Sales!!

And if need be - reach out for help. Which is just what you're going to receive when you sign up for...

Here's What's Included

Module 1 - Why Google +?

  • Why Google+'s smaller audience is actually a GOOD thing.
  • The heavy-handed techniques other social networks use - and that you won't find on Google+.
  • The major difference between Google's Communities and Facebook Groups - this one is huge for content publishers  like yourself.
  • The simple, 3-step process to get started and what you need to do immediately.
  • How to see what others see - this is helpful for making sure you're presenting the right information to your market.

Module 2 - Google + Features That Help Your Branding

  • How Circles make it easy to organize your contacts and enable laser-targeted promotions.
  • 3 types of "badges" and when you'll need to use each.
  • How to know the reach of each of your posts - and how to use this information to keep an eye on the competition.
  • How to optimize your  page for best results .
  • The most important part of your page - miss this tiny section and your branding will be far less effective.
  • Important tips for making sure your posts reach the largest audience possible - no worries here about "limiting" your reach like on some social networks.
  • Where to find the latest "cutting edge" info on all things Google - so you can stay one step ahead of the competition.
  • 7 Easy ways to get your page started - this is way different [and even better] than Facebook.

Module 3 - Google + Branding Features and Options

  • 4 Essentials that will easily connect your website to your Google+ account - and could quite possibly improve your search rankings
  • 3 types of "badges" and when you'll need to use each.
  • How to use Circles for content promotion- including tips for making sure your most important updates are spread far and wide.
  • How hashtags work with Google+ - and how to start using them.
  • How to know the reach of each of your posts - and how to use this information to keep an eye on the competition.
  • Useful third party apps that will make your Google+ experience even better, including one you've probably never heard of.

Module 4 - Hangouts and Mobile Optimization

  • How Google has revolutionized video conferencing - and what that means for your business.
  • The critical difference between Hangouts and Hangouts on Air - and when to use both for maximum effectiveness.
  • How Google has revolutionized video conferencing - and what that means for your business.
  • The critical difference between Hangouts and Hangouts on Air - and when to use both for maximum effectiveness.
  • The number one strategy for using Hangouts on Air to increase your promotions- your competitors are doing this and if you're not, then you're missing out!
  • 4 types of Hangouts that are wildly popular - and how you can use each one in your marketing efforts.
  • The easy, 6-step process that will add a live Q & A component to your Hangout - use this feature to create instant engagement with your audience.
  • How to optimize your pages for mobile - miss this step, and you'll be turning away a large portion of your audience!

Module 5 - How To Get Infront of 71,184 People Instantly with Google+

Google Plus Killer Strategy

-- Reach THOUSANDS of people at an instant
-- Takes less than 15 minutes to do
-- The best ways to work this strategy and what not to do to miss out on this
-- And much more

Bonus Module - Facebook Interview with Bill Guthrie

In this exclusive hangout with Bill Guthrie, the tough Facebook questions are answered:

  • What's the perfect audience size to have - a huge audience? Or a small targeted audience?
  • What's the best tools for extracting custom audiences?
  • Most effective List building strategies with Facebook
  • The one thing to remember about Facebook and what NOT to do -
  • The AH HA Moment for Debbie about Facebook Marketing - see the lightbulb go off 🙂
  • A drill down to who you are competing with on Facebook - eye opening!
  • The secrets to marketing 'make money' products
  • and so much more - you don't want to miss this AWESOME interview

Bonus - Spreadsheet of Targeted Google Plus Communities

Targeted Google Plus Communities - We've Done The Research For You

We've compiled the best Google Plus Communities for:

  • Authors
  • Publishing
  • Book Promotion and Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • And More!

We've even included what type of content you're allowed to post! This Done-For- You Resource will help maximize your promotional efforts.


As you can see, there's a lot more to Google+ than meets the eye. But that doesn't mean it's complicated or difficult to set up or use - just that there is a bit of a learning curve. And let's face it - if you're not using all of the great features on Google+, you're lacking some exposure that only Google+ can provide.

Start Allowing  Google+ To Promote Your Content Today

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Not only will you reach a larger audience, but you'll establish a stronger search presence as well, and for anyone who does sells content online, that's absolutely critical to success.

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Mastering Google Plus for Content Promotion

Don't Wait Any Longer

Don't wait any longer to integrate Google+ into your marketing plan. It's quite simply the best social media outlet for business branding, and you can be sure your competition will be using it soon - if they're not already.

Debbie Drum & Amy Harrop

P.S. Don't forget - this is the one social network that's intimately connected to the biggest search engine on the planet. You just know your use of it is going to factor heavily into your search rankings. Why let a simple thing like social media reduce your results? Grab a copy of "Mastering Google Plus for Content Promotion" today, and start putting Google to work for you!

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