How You Can Legally Rip off "Hollywood" To Write Your Fiction Books

Quickly Write Blockbuster, Hot Selling Fiction Novels Using Hollywood's Formula - In Just a Few Weeks

Rob Howard, Amy Harrop and Deborah Drum here! (You can just call us "the trio")

We've teamed up together to bring you some of the most powerful training yet. We know you want to write a book, specifically a fiction novel. Let's face it, it's where the money is.

Fiction novels make up a vast majority of the sales on Amazon's Kindle platform.

In fact, if you don't have a fiction novel up yet, you are leaving money on the table.

Did You Know? In 2011 - Fiction Ebooks Sold More Than 2.7 Times The Amount of Non-fiction: To The Tune of 1.2 Billion Dollars - And It Continues To Grow!

That figure above should provide enough reason to write fiction. However, you hear a LOT of big name kindle gurus tell you that you should write non-fiction because it’s easier. Hogwash, I say! By not writing fiction, you are leaving thousands of dollars on the table! Why?

Because it’s easier to sell. It’s much easier to get someone to pay a few bucks for a few hours of entertainment than it is to get someone to buy something that requires work. Sure, thousands of people buy up weight loss or dog training or relationship advice related non-fiction daily.....

But it is harder to sell to those people because much of the information is the same (and thus they are more cautious), they want social proof that your technique works, and again, it requires them to work.

  Check Out These Reasons Why Fiction Is Better:

  • Unless Working in Specific Genre’s, Fiction Requires Little to No Research
  • Writing and Creating Is Fun! The Sky is the Limit With What You Can Create and Control!
  • Storycrafting is Easy, When You Know What To Do
  • Fiction Is Easier to Sell
  • Only Write One Hour a Day and in 4 Weeks Have Your Own Book!

When you know what to do, writing fiction is easier and more fun. It requires less work to sell and you suffer from little competition. Not only if fiction HUGE, in my experience, it’s also way easier to sell, way easier to write, and a lot more fun!

Do You Want To Write a Fiction Novel, But Don't Know Where To Start?

If you haven't written a fiction novel before, or if you've just got your feet wet, it can be a daunting task. There are a lot of moving parts, the protagonists, inciting actions, plot points, world building, dialogue and more!

How do you keep track of it all? You do you come up with it all? It's a lot to be sure, and if you've never done it before, it sure can be confusing!

Have You Started To Write, Only To End Up Not Sure What To Do Next?

Ah, writers block. You feel like you're making progress, then suddenly you hit a blank wall. Or you've written yourself into a corner. Now what?

Or maybe you feel like your story just meanders and no one will want to read it. I know, I've been there!

The mental hoops you have to go through is frustrating for sure.

Do You Stare At A Blank Page, Feeling Overwhelmed? Only to End Up Giving Up and Going To Watch Some TV or Movie?

Hey, it's alright! I do that too.

If you've been working on your novel or you are just starting, sometimes it's too much. So you quit and go do something else. Then you get sad or frustrated that you quit and end up angry at yourself.

I know, I used to do that too. I understand writer's block and the shear overwhelm of starting a new novel. So I end up watching TV!

But What If You Could Turn TV and Movies To Your Advantage?

What if you could legally steal the writing formula used by all the big Hollywood writers to create powerful, selling fiction? The format they use to help them quickly create emotional, moving stories that obviously sell well.

I bet you didn't know this, but Amy has a background in Hollywood. In fact, Amy has a B.A. in film production, and has worked in the film business for a major studio. She also has extensive writing and teaching experience.

So what if you could discover the easy formula that enabled you to quickly write your books?

Beyond The Hero's Journey - Creating Compelling Fiction with Movie Storytelling

We've come together to offer you a class that will change the way you write - enabling you to quickly come up with a blockbuster Hollywood story!

Utilizing the techniques that Hollywood storycrafters utilize, we will show you how to quickly write a novel that is popular and easily saleable!

You'll bust through writers block, discover easy ways to come up with characters, plot, action sequences, and more! In Any Genre.

Join Our 4 Week, Intensive Storycrafting Class - Starts June 5th At 2 PM Eastern

Destroy Writers Block - End Frustrations and Finally Write Your Novel!

Starting June 5th at 2 PM Eastern, going every Thursday for 4 weeks, we will hold your hand and show you everything you need to successfully write a novel.

From characterizations to plotting, we will cover it all, helping you use Hollywood writing to get the story finished and out the door!

For Those Who Have Taken Rob's Hero's Journey Writing Classes...This Is Different

Many of you have taken Rob's writing classes and that's awesome! You are probably wondering, "how is this different"?

This is a completely different class, using a different book and source material than Rob's. This goes beyond the hero's journey (thus the name) and we utilize different set of tools than that.

Should I Have Taken Rob's Class?

No, you don't need to take Rob's fiction classes to take this one. We are starting from the beginning, so this applies to anyone who wants to write a book.

If you have taken Rob's class, this is a perfect complement to that material and you'll fit right in!

Inside Beyond The Hero's Journey, You'll Discover:

  • What is "Commercial Fiction" and Why You Need to Write It!
  • What "Structure" Is And How to Utilize It To Quickly Create New Stories That Sell!
  • Plotting, Characters, Settings, Themes and Motifs - And How You Can Utilize Them
  • The Writing Process and Tools You Can Use (All Free!)
  • The Controlling Idea, 3 Levels of Conflict and More!
  • Dialogue Structure and Writing Descriptive Elements
  • How to Build Suspense, Plot Twists and Stuff To Catch Your Reader Off Guard!
  • Quickly Get Your Book Written
  • And More!

Included With Your Purchase:

  • 4 Live class sessions - an hour and half each!
  • All the replays, course materials and homework assignments
  • Fiction Writing Facebook Group
  • And more to come!

Fiction Bootcamp

Be Sure to Join Now and Save!

Fiction Bootcamp

PS - This is an early bird discount. Don't be kicking yourself when the price goes up because it definitely will! We always want to offer action takers a great deal!

We look forward to seeing you inside,

To Your Success,

Amy, Rob & Deb