Wouldn't You Like To...

  • Get your book directly in front of raving fans of your niche
  • Not have to wait and wait and wait to get more eyeballs on your book
  • Legally steal fans from other authors in your niche
  • Get more fans on your list so you can announce books and other related info

Dear Publisher,

I've said it before and I'll say it again - Book Promotion Sucks!

- it's time consuming

- it could be costly

- there's not much "instant gratification"

but one thing is so true - PUBLISHERS HAVE TO DO IT! TO SEE RESULTS [SALES]!!

You need to promote your books so you get more eyeballs on your Amazon sales pages! Plain and Simple. The traffic is not going to drive itself!

We teach a lot of different ways you can promote your books and those methods should never be abandoned - but we've discovered a new way to promote your books that is:

- not time consuming

- not very costly

- and "instant gratification" EXISTS

It's all explained in FB Fiction....

This Is A Must See For Fiction Publishers

Here's What You Will Discover

  • Why it's the best time to be using Facebook to market your fiction books (and why you will be missing out if you don't)
  • How to exactly build your target custom audience (there's a right way and a very wrong way to do this)
  • Examples and Ideas for never ending posts for engagement and interaction on your facebook pages
  • The kinds of post that are working the best in today's world (you'll kick yourself when you see how easy this is)
  • How to easily post to your fan page so it doesn't feel "overwhelming"
  • The different ways you can monetize your pages to get additional income (other then actual book sales)
  • And Much Much More

Here's What's Included

Limited Copies Will Be Sold

FB Fiction

7 Reasons To Buy Right Now

1) Start immediately and get in front of potential fans TODAY

2) This is kindle specific training on Facebook - it's not generalized

3) Fastest way to "instant gratification" over any type of book marketing

4) Don't you want to learn how to legally steal fans from other authors in your niche?

5) Learn the proper way to communicate with your fans

6) There will only be a limited amount of copies sold

7) It's only $7! and worth way more than that!


fade-leftfade-rightDeb & Amy's Guarantee

Yes Deb and Amy - I am In and Want To
Take Advantage Of This Special Price Immediately!!

FB Fiction

PS - This is an incredible deal!!  Take advantage before we take it off the market

PPS - What are you waiting for? These skills can be transferred to many other things you need to do online to be a successful marketer.  Take action and have these skills for life!