Fast & Cheap Storybooks

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Make Creative Page Layouts With No Graphic or Technical Hassle


These are all tasks that writers waste their time on - so we found another way so you can.....

Focus On What You Do Best - Writing & Publishing Books


With Simple Creative Book Layouts, You Will Discover:

  • Easy methods to place your pictures and text nearly anywhere on the page-no boring templates to stick to!
  • Take any [already existing] pictures and illustrations and create a completely new book
  • Use found footage and combine with easy techniques to create completely new illustrations

  • An inexpensive program (with a free 30 day trial) which allows you to create fun and dynamic page layouts for your picture books without using photo editing programs or expensive designers

  • CUTTING EDGE STRATEGY-How to export your book to Amazon’s newest tool - Kindle Comic Creator (and other ways you can use this tool)

  • Best publishing practices to take advantage of your page layouts


Fast & Cheap Storybooks

To Your Success,  Deb & Amy PS - Get skills for life that you can use for all forms of publishing and marketing PPS - Get HUGE bragging rights when you know how to do simple image manipulation that professional illustrators don't want you to know!! PPPS - With this price and guarantee - why have you not hit the buy button yet??

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