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You are about to discover how the best publishers in the world generate endless ideas for content, stay ultra-organized, and ultimately GET MORE DONE!

From: Amy Harrop & Debbie Drum
RE: How To Produce and Profit Faster

Dear Publisher,

It's no accident that prolific writers and content creators make more money.

More Content = More Money

It doesn't matter what or where you publish- Books, Kindle, Blogs, Information Products... the equation stays the same.

So, how do these powerhouses manage to squeeze SO MUCH content out of their brains and into the marketplace? And MORE IMPORTANTLY... where on earth do they get the time?

The Secret To Becoming A More Profitable and More Prolific Publisher

It Has Nothing To Do With "Talent", "Time" Or "Desire"

The bloggers you look up to... the authors you wish you could be... the product creators that inspire you…

They are no different than you are. They have a brain, just like you. They have a keyboard and computer, just like you. They have WordPress, Word, and Kindle just like you.

And they have 24 hours in a day, just like you.

What is it that they KNOW that you don't?

What is it that they DO that you don't?

It's easy...

They have a system.

They get inspired on demand. They have "idea" faucets that they can turn on and off.

They know the secrets to getting laser-like focus. They have conquered the "Wandering-mind".

They are excellent project managers. They break their process into steps and execute.

With this "system" they are able to create content ON DEMAND.

Publish More Books and More Content....Faster

Imagine being able to approach content creation and writing with a sense of calm, serenity... instead of the confused, high-pressure, frustrating methods you are using right now....

Imagine being able to produce up to 4 times MORE content than you have ever created before... just by grabbing hold of a simple free tool and using it to create your very OWN "prolific creation system"...

Sound too good to be true?

It's not...

You Too Will Be Able To....

  •         Summon the "muse" on demand and generate better ideas, for non-fiction, blog posts, products, fiction, and more... your brain will literally turn a treasure trove of ideas into a never ending stream of content.
  •         Clamp down on the "Wandering-mind" to leverage laser-like focus to get stuff done faster, and with MUCH less struggle... this is the fastest way to eliminate "resistance" in your writing and start creating content in "zen mode".
  • Keep track of ideas, thoughts, projects, and goals... NOBODY is busier than an online content publisher, learn how easy it is to control your projects and watch your income rise.

Introducing Mastering Evernote For Publishers

Evernote is a tool that we use in our business each and every day and we highly recommend the strategies we share here.

This is the complete guide to using Evernote (the free software program) to get more ideas, finish more projects, stay more organized, and get control of your creative process once and for all!

If you want to learn how prolific writers and content creators GET STUFF DONE, then this product is for YOU! Just by cracking this product open, you will be discover just how simple it can be to put your own "Content System" into place... and you will discover just how EASY this free software can be to used to leverage your work for better results.

Here's What's Included

  • Why Evernote is easily the #1 tool of choice amongst the content publishers in 2014... and why there has never been a better time to start using this tool to make you more money... faster!
  • How to collect, manage, and utilize inspiration from around the web, your own personal life, and from colleagues... so that you can create an endless stream of ideas that sell!
  • How to turn those distracting mobile devices (Smart Phone/Tablets/etc.) into research tools capable of turning your "amateur" content into "expert level" articles, blog posts, and even non-fiction books!
  • The ins & outs of project collaboration using Evernote... if you outsource your content creation, editing, or proofreading, this SINGLE golden nugget of information could save you hundreds of dollars in wasted outsourcing costs.
  • How to turn Evernote into a point & click file system so that you stay organized, destroy the "Wandering-mind", and use laser-focus to GET STUFF DONE!
  • The legal and ethical way to "STEAL" from the Internet so that you have an endless supply of content ideas that WORK for you and your content needs.
  • Our secret "hacks" for turning Evernote into a POWERFUL writing tool
  • And much, much more…

Yes - this works for Fiction and Non Fiction!

5 Reasons You Need Mastering Evernote For Publishers

1. You Struggle With "Ideation"

You can't pull water from a dry well.

Evernote allows you to create a HUGE stash of winning ideas in just a few clicks. All you have to do is surf around your "idea file", pull an idea or two, and before you know it you are off to the races creating content left and right!

2. You Aren't Creating "Enough" Content

One blog post isn't going to make you famous.

One product  won't let you quit your day job.

You need to pump out MORE, and you need to do it FASTER.

Evernote can help. Working with Evernote is like hiring a virtual assistant to help you put out more work... only it's free!

3. Your Content Isn't "Working"

Maybe you HAVE already put out a bunch of content... but none of it is making you that much money.

No fear. With Evernote you can manage your projects better, get a clearer picture of the project goals, and bring a laser-like focus to the content you are creating.

As soon as your content gains focus... you gain financial rewards.

4. You Need "More" Time

Success teacher and speaker Jim Rhon is fond of saying, "It rains on the poor just like it rains on the rich." His point being... successful marketers and publishers have 24 hours in a day... just like you... and know how to use that time properly.

Evernote allows you to streamline your content creation so that you can get MORE done, FASTER.

And Mastering Evernote For Publishers will show you how to use Evernote to maximize your productivity... increase your hourly word count... and produce BETTER content than you ever have before!

5. You Can't "Seem" To Focus

The "Wandering-mind" syndrome so common to product creators can really bust your business. It doesn't matter if you are writing non-fiction, fiction, creating products or just sending out a tweet... without proper focus it never gets done.

Mastering Evernote For Publishers will show you how to set up Evernote so that your "Wandering-mind" quickly becomes clear, focused, and you start to enjoy the "zen of writing"!

Product Contents

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 9.26.30 AM

+ Lifetime Updates

There is always additional information we like to share to help you succeed. You will get access to certain information and tips that we don't just share with everybody 🙂

Grab Mastering Evernote For Publishers Right Now And Get These Productivity Hacks

With Mastering Evernote For Publishers, you will be given a step-by-step guide to utilizing this free software that MOST content creators use to produce some of the best writing, content, and products out there...

But we want to take it all a step further...

You will also receive Productivity Hacks: Tips & Tools To Work Less And Do More!

In Productivity Hacks you will learn:

  • How to "Narrow The Gap" so that you make MORE money working LESS through "productivity methods"...
  • Why you need to start your work day with your MIT... and how to "Tough It Out" when things change...
  • How to Zero Out your inbox so that you never have to deal with "open loops"... and learn how to set up an automatic system for keeping your inbox empty of useless distractions...
  • Why the most successful online entrepreneurs are spending more and more time... OFFLINE!
  • How to avoid the "unnecessary work" and cut right to the stuff that is going to make you money...
  • Why "Time-Boxing" is awesome... and why the power of "5 minutes" can't be underestimated...
  • And much, much more…

You Can't Afford Not To Get Started Right Now

This in-depth PDF training and videos will  give you all the information you need to maximize your productivity while at the same time giving you endless ideas you couldn't possibly implement in one lifetime! In no time at all, you'll be reaping the benefits of the best content creators' top strategies, and leaving your competition in the dust.

Your ideas will be non stop and you won't be limited to where you are because you will be able to access them from anywhere and jot down ideas no matter where you are - in line at the bank, at the supermarket or even when you are sitting down at your couch watching TV!

The Opportunity Is Now

This guide takes you by the hand and shows you exactly what works - and what doesn't - including screenshots, video, and text. You'll have just the answer you need, right where you need it, so your content will be more powerful than ever.

Best of all, this comprehensive course is backed by our...

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Mastering Evernote For Publishers

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  • IF YOU STRUGGLE TO GET "INSPIRED" THEN CHECK OUT PAGE 3 OF BOOK 2 (You probably already know how important this is... you just forgot.)
  • A "wandering mind" kills 97% of all projects before they even get off the ground... learn how to get laser focus in your content creation in just minutes (PAGE 21 - 32 IN BOOK 2 PLUS PAGES 4 & 14 IN BOOK 3.)
  • Creating master "to-do" lists that actually get stuff done... no, it isn't a freak-miracle... it's just technology. (The entirety of Book 2 PLUS examples in Book 3)

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Debbie Drum & Amy Harrop

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Mastering Evernote For Publishers